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Microsoft Sharepoint Web Parts

Vacation Planner Web Part

Vacation Planner Web Part

This web part helps to manage the absence and vacation times of coworkers and employees. Simply let every user enter his times of absence and coordinate the availability of the people without scrolling through calendars. It is even possible to display a summary line which indicates when more than one has an entry at the same time.

With the different colors that can be selected now, the planner is often used as a small project planner. 

Version history:

  • 1.0.0: Initial version
  • 1.1.0: New options (view, zoom, diff. list name)
  • 1.2.0: Colors can be defined now
  • 1.3.0: Added read-only mode (entries can be modified/added only in the list behind.)

When you update from an old version to the latest build, please uninstall the old version prior to install the new one. You will not lose your data in this process.


Take a look how everything is presented in a clear and simple way:



Product Price  
Vacation Planner Web Part for SP 2010
30 days Evaluation Version
Free download..
Vacation Planner Web Part for SP 2013
30 days Evaluation Version
Free download..
Vacation Planner Web Part License Key
per Server License
USD 99.00
The web part is provided by Cellworks, a partner of Amrein Engineering.
Deployment Instructions
You can also send a PO to 
or fax to ++41 62 823 75 74

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the Vacation Planner Web Part Installation Instructions (PDF file) 
  2. Deploy the feature to your server/farm as described in the instructions.
  3. Navigate to a page where you would like to place the webpart and choose "Site Actions/Edit Page"
  4. Add the web part to the appropriate zone. The web part is listed in the "Cellworks" web part gallery section
  5. After adding the Vaccation Planer web part, you may proceed to the configuration of the web part.
  6. Configure the following Web Part properties in the Web Part Editor "Additional Settings" pane section as described in the Installation Instructions:
  • Double: Doubles the width of the calendar
  • Summary: Adds a summary line for better overview.

Please enter a comment below if you have problems with the installation, want to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements:

User Comments Post a Comment 

10/22/2013 10:24 
Can we use People and Group in Active Directory? if we input manually then will be double post if we post wrong name.

Suwancita, I Made
Suwancita, IMade
Suwancita,I Made

There will be three names in Vacation Planner Diagram. :)
Good WebPart !! thanks...
Support Team  
10/22/2013 11:25 
Made, of course every time you make a new entrie with a different name, also there will be a new name created in the web part. But if you misstyped a name, simply click on the calendar entry and correct the name. The names are not autmatically matched to the AD users and groups so that you are able to work also with people not registered in the domain.
3/31/2014 21:40 
I was wondering if there is a way to connect the planner to a list?
Is there a way to remove the "add entry"?
3/31/2014 23:02 
Rob, please send us an email regarding this request. (info at cellworks ch)
5/2/2014 19:52 
Was also curious about the list based solution. We found that some parts which don't use lists (like Surveys) were driven by cookies and our security software was always clearing them.

Support team  
5/5/2014 16:33 
Mike, please write us as well an email regarding this.
11/26/2014 23:00 
Hi, Is it possible to populate data from sql. We use a sql base hr program that already has this info. It would be useful to be able to pull this directly into this webpart to offer our users a holiday chart.
Support Team  
11/27/2014 16:19 
Mark, it would be possible to add this functionality. We will contact you by mail.
2/28/2019 20:23 
Can we use a list view to filter the data?
Support Team  
3/1/2019 12:18 
Hi Maury, no, unfortunately this is not possible
Stefan R  
3/18/2019 09:43 
Does the solution support categorizing the off duty. E.g. Vacation, planned Parental leave, planned Other off duty with different letter och color depending of what reason? Or could it be possible to add that feature.
3/18/2019 12:20 
this is not supported by the Vacation Planner.
However, you might want to check out the "Timeline" web part (see /apps/page.asp?Q=5846 ) which does support color coding:

Technical Support Contact Information
If you find that you cannot resolve an issue using the above tools, our Technical Support staff will be ready to handle your technical support needs. You can reach our staff by phone or by email.

Phone: +41 (0)62 823 75 75 (9am - 5pm GMT)
Fax : +41 (0)62 823 75 74

We have purchased several web parts and are very satisfied with them. Reliable and affordable, thanks!

Carlos Fernandez, Technology Associates

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