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Microsoft Sharepoint Web Parts

YouTube SharePoint Web Part

The Youtube Player Web Part either selects a random Youtube video, a specific video or a playlist from the specified Sharepoint List or directly from Youtube.
The Web Part can also be used to display a single static video or a Youtube playlist by specifying a Youtube URL in the "Video Embed URL" parameter field.

The Web Part can be used with Sharepoint 2010, Sharepoint 2013, Sharepoint 2016, Sharepoint 2019 and Subscription Edition. 

The following parameters can be configured:
  • Sharepoint Library containing the Youtube video URL(s)
  • single movie/movie rotation mode
  • Youtube Player dimensions
  • Display of Title and Description information taken from a Sharepoint List
  • Display of a Playlist for manual selection of the Youtube videos to be played back
  • Web Part Connection to a Sharepoint List or Library

Product Price
Youtube Player Web Part Evaluation Version
for WSS3.0, Sharepoint 2007 and 2010
30 day Evaluation Version
Free download..
Youtube Player Web Part Evaluation Version
for Sharepoint 2013 
30 day Evaluation Version
Free download..
Youtube Player Web Part Evaluation Version
for Sharepoint 2016 
30 day Evaluation Version
Free download..
Youtube Player Web Part Evaluation Version
for Sharepoint 2019 and SE 
30 day Evaluation Version
Free download..
Youtube Player Web Part Evaluation Version
Sandbox Version (on premise only) 
30 day Evaluation Version
Free download..
Youtube Player Web Part License Key
per Server License
USD 125.00
Web Part Installation Instructions download..
You can also send us a PO via e-mail to [email protected] 


Installation Instructions:

  1. download the Youtube Player Web Part Installation Instructions (PDF file, see above) 
  2. download the file (see above)
  3. Follow the installation instructions in the PDF manual.
    You can either deploy the DLL manually or using the WSP solution.

    After installation, configure the following Web Part properties in the Web Part Editor "Miscellaneous" pane section as needed:

    • Site Name: Enter the name of the site that contains the Youtube Player Sharepoint List:
      - leave this field empty if the Library is in the current site (eg. the Web Part is placed in the same site)
      - Enter a "/" character if the Library is contained in the top site
      - Enter a path if the Library is in a subsite of the current site (eg. in the form of "current site/subsite")
    • List Name: Enter the name of the desired Sharepoint List.
      This defines the Sharepoint List that contains the Youtube URL's of the videos.
    • View Name: Optionally enter the desired List View of the list specified above.
      A List View allows you to specify specific data filtering and sorting.
      If you specify a View, please make sure to include the following 3 columns in your View:
      Leave this field empty if you want to use the List default view.
    • Video Embed URL:
      • Random Movie Rotator: if this field is left empty, a video from the specified Sharepoint List will be randomly selected every time the page is accessed.
      • top: if you enter the string "top", the topmost entry of the specified Library View is selected. This allows to dynamically select a video corresponding to a specified criterion (like "most recent" etc.). 
        Example: top
        Displays the topmost video in the specified List or View. This can be controlled by sorting/filtering the List View accordingly (Example: use a sort order of "Created" Descending to select the most recent entry).
      • Static Display: If you rather want to statically display a specific video from the specified Sharepoint List, enter the video's Youtube embed URL.

        If you paste a YouTube URL (explained below) into this field, the corresponding YouTube video will be played. You can find the YouTube URL of the video in the box below the “Share this video” link of the YouTube page on of the video to be displayed:

      • YouTube Playlist: If you want to display a specific Youtube playlist, enter the Youtube playlist embed URL.

        You can find the YouTube playlist URL in the box below the “Share” link of the YouTube playlist page (by clicking on the “Playlists” tab) on

      • Create a Web Part Connection between the Sharepoint List and the Youtube Web Part as follows:

        - switch the page to "Edit" mode
        - Choose "Connections" from the List Web Part "edit" menu
        - Choose "Provide Row To"
        - Select the Youtube Web Part in the menu

        If you connect to a Sharepoint List, you need to put the Youtube video URL's into a List column named "URL". You might also want to add a "Description" List column to store the media file desciptions.

    • Player Width: enter the desired width of the Youtube Player in pixels (YouTube standard width is 425 pixels).
      Enter "0" to have the player use 100% of the available width (responsive layout).
    • Player Height: enter the desired height of the Youtube Player in pixels (YouTube standard height is 344 pixels)
    • Show Title: this optional setting displays the media file Title in the Web Part header as defined in the Sharepoint List’s “Title” field.
    • Show Description: this optional setting displays the media file Description in the Web Part body. These values are retrieved from the Sharepoint list entry (if present).
    • Show Playlist: lists all the videos contained in the specified Sharepoint List (or a Youtube playlist) as a playlist for manual video playback selection.
      If the Sharepoint List contains a "Title" column, the playlist will show the values taken from this column.
      Also, if the Sharepoint List contains a "Description" column, these values will be shown in the playlist.
      The Youtube embed URL's are expected in the "URL" column.

    • Playlist Template: you can optionally specify a playlist field template by entering the desired List fields (surrounded by curly braces). You can also embed HTML tags and CSS styles to freely format the playlist content.

      Created:{Created} by {Created By}<br>
      Modified {Modified} by {Modified By}<br>
      <font color=orange>Tags: {Tags}</font><br>

      The above example assumes that the Sharepoint List contains a "Tags" and a "Description" column and produces the following output:

    • Nbr. of Videos displayed: enter the maximum number of videos to be displayed in the playlist.
    • Show Random Entry: select a random video from the playlist
    • Show Video Thumbnails: show or hide the Youtube video thumbnail images to be displayed in the playlist.
    • Thumbnail Image Width: define the width of the thumbnail images in pixels.
    • Autoplay: check this field if you want to start the video automatically without user intervention.
    • Loop Video: loops the video continuously if enabled.
    • Center Youtube Player: horizontally centers the Player in the web part zone.
    • License Key: enter your Product License Key (as supplied after purchase of the web part license).
      Leave this field empty if you are using the free evaluation version.

Please enter a comment below if you have problems with the installation, want to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements:

User Comments Post a Comment 

6/11/2014 03:31 
Hi Juerg, When you setup a libary to con contain the URL's, specifically what fields are needed, can you list the fields. I assume "Title" and I am guessing another field called "URL". Is this correct? Also can it be a list or does it need to be a document library?
6/11/2014 03:51 
Hi Juerg, I did manage to find these field names in the documenation above. They are: Title + Description + URL.
6/11/2014 04:24 
Hi Juerg, Could we have a setting that allows the playlist thumbnails to show on the right side of the main video, like it does in YouTube? This is needed to save vertical space on the page.
6/11/2014 04:26 
Hi Jeurg, if you opt to show say 5 thumbnails in the play list, is there a "next button" or a "scrollbar" so you can see the rest of the playlist thumbnails?
6/11/2014 04:52 
Juerg, with regard to styling what options to we have? It would be nice if we could style it like youtubes playlists. I noticed the playlist is in a "table" and not a "div", and that some of the div's do not have id's, so this makes styling through css difficult. Any other options?
6/11/2014 13:30 
  • if you use a Sharepoint List to create a Youtube playlist, then use the "Title", "Description" and "URL" columns to define the playlist items.
  • You can place the playlist to the right of the player by prefixing the "Playlist Template" setting with an ">" character.
  • You also can add a vertical scrollbar to the playlist by prefixing the "Playlist Template" settiing with an "|" pipe character. Combine the above two settings as follows:
  • We have now added more CSS class names to the web part to allow you to style every element as needed.
Mo A.  
9/5/2014 16:22 
The instructions above states "If the SharePoint List contains a "Title" column, the playlist will show the values taken from this column.". I would like to use a "Calculated Column" for the title and as you know SP does not allow "Calculated Column" for the "Title" column so is there a way to use another custom column (e.g. Short Title) where I can truncate the text and add "..." at the end? - Thanks.
9/5/2014 17:57 
you can use the web part's feature to allow for localized columns by creating  a new column using the below title:


(eg. name the column "Title_", followed by the locale ID of your Sharepoint site).

Since we had to make an adjustment to the web part to allow for a "calculated" column, please re-download the Zip file, extract the WSP file and then update the web part solution.
Mo A.  
10/1/2014 00:12 
Hi Juerg - can we add a column to the YouTube list item to capture how many times the link within the web part was clicked on. Sort of adding a script to a calculated column that increments the number of clicks.
10/2/2014 18:34 
we have now added the new „clicks=1” option which allows the web part to record the number of views when clicking on an item in the playlist.

Enable the new feature as follows:
  • add a new column named “Clicks” of type “Number” to the Sharepoint list containing the Youtube URL’s
  • add the below to the web part’s “Options” setting:

Please re-download the update version, extract the WPS file and then update the solution.
10/20/2014 22:38 
Hello Juerg,
Excellent web part, however I have a question about using a YouTube Playlist. I've set the order of videos as I want them to appear in the playlist, however when I point the web part to the playlist, it show the order, but the first video is not the image presented (thumbnail) for the player. Does a setting control this that I'm not aware of?
Charles Brown  
10/21/2014 03:48 

I was able to accomplish what I needed by connecting the list to the web part, however I now need to style the list to be a more presentable playlist.
10/21/2014 14:37 
we have now fixed the problem with the YouTube playlist selecting the video at the bottom of the playlist (as opposed to the one at the top).
Please re-download the updated version, extract the WPS file and then update the solution.
3/4/2015 16:58 
If I put a Youtube playlist url into the Video Embed URL (optional) field I get a list of videos that will play but I want to use a sharepoint list of playlists to give me a list of all videos but I get a link of the playlist url that wont play
3/22/2015 18:05 
we have now fixed the web part so that you can use a web part connection to select a Youtube “Playlist” URL from the connected list.
Please re-download the updated version, extract the WPS file and then update the solution.
6/4/2015 17:43 
Hi Juerg, We started getting the following error on all of our websites. Can you please check and provide us solution to fix this issue. The Video embed URL works fine outside the YouTube Webpart.

Unable to load YouTube RSS feed:
The remote server returned an error: (410) Gone
6/5/2015 15:17 
Youtube just changed the format of its API, so we had to adapt the web part and release a new version (1.0.20).

Please re-download the updated version, extract the WPS file and then update the solution.
11/10/2015 18:43 
Hi, When i link the webpart to a sharepoint list with a video it works fine. But when i try to use the"top" in the Video Embed URL field it says it cannot find media in the specified list. How can i get that to work so it only shows the top video in the list?
11/12/2015 13:15 
we have now fixed this (eg. the web part now respects the “top” setting).
You now also could simply turn off the “Show Playlist” setting and set the “Nbr. of Videos displayed” to “1”.
Please re-download the updated version, extract the WPS file and then update the web part solution.
12/8/2015 00:09 
Loop Video option does not appear to work
12/10/2015 18:50 
we have now fixed the issue with looping the videos when using a playlist based on a Sharepoint List.
Please re-download the updated version, extract the WPS file and then update the solution.
9/26/2016 22:00 
Hi Juerg, We are using version 1.0.24 with a links list containing the YouTube URL. There is only one item in the list, and we have the video embed URL to "top" without the quotes.

We are seeing a 1 and an underscore in a Strong tag pair.
after the embedded video, is there a way to make this not display? We do not have a playlist template.
9/27/2016 15:05 
we have now fixed this issue (eg. the web part now displays the “description” as entered into the “URL” field of your “Links” list).

Please re-download the updated version, extract the WPS file and then update the solution.
4/17/2017 20:18 
Unlisted Videos do not appear. We have several training videos that are "unlisted" on youtube. While they don't contain super private info, we also dont want them just "out there". Is there a way to get this guy to show those?
4/17/2017 20:26 
To clarify, this is if I use a playlist, as that's a cleaner look and more intuitive than using a SP list.
4/18/2017 13:29 
this is currently not possible since the Youtube web interface does not return videos marked as “unlisted”.
3/9/2018 20:56 
Quick question. Not all videos have a thumbnail associated with them so there is just the generic image. Is there a way to store an image in the list for each item and have that displayed instead?

3/12/2018 17:56 
are you referring to the thumbnail images displayed in the web part's playlist ?
Can you also give an example URL of a video that has no thumbnail associated with it ?
11/29/2018 05:46 
Hi Juerg, is it possible to make the video responsive?
11/29/2018 12:14 
to make the web part responsive, enter the value „0“ into the web part’s “Player width” setting.
12/27/2018 20:42 
I am getting "An error occurred. Please try again later" Ive tried several different YouTube videos
12/27/2018 20:49 
I was able to find my mistake.
Luis Juarez  
6/22/2019 17:10 
Hi Guys,
We are having some issues with the autoplay when using a SharePoint List. Videos are not getting started automatically, is there anything else I have to do? or it is maybe a bug?

We have checked Autoplay, but it wont work -

Thank you for your help
6/25/2019 12:14 
to display (and also automatically start playing) the top video in your playlist, please enter the below into the web part’s “Video Embed URL” setting:

6/30/2019 13:14 
Hi Juerg, When I have the "Use Popup Player" checked, it worked fine. Could we have the right upper "X"(close popup windows icon) to be larger enough for touching when using iPhone 7 conveniently?
7/1/2019 13:04 
the player is opened in a standard Sharepoint dialog window which unfortunately does not allow you to change the size of the close button.

  RSS Feed   
We have used almost all the SharePoint AE Web parts  over the last 2  years and really like them. Their support is wonderful and we have never encountered an issue they did not resolve/respond to very quickly.

Stacy N Wilson, Attorneys’ Title Fund Services LLC

This web part is available for:
SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint 2019
SharePoint SE
SharePoint 2019 'modern'
SharePoint SE 'modern'
Office 365