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Microsoft Sharepoint Web Parts

BUNDLE: Accordion & Tabs List Web Part

BUNDLE: Accordion & Tabs List Web Part

These web parts help you to save screen space, focus attention and have more content available instantly with only one click.

They group list items by a group field you select in either accordion or tabs style. And they show the list items of only one group at a time. Thus is allows to focus the attention of the user to specific information.

Moreover it allows you to format group fields and list items with HTML-code and add informative words. Thus lists can be presented in fully customized and user friendly way.

The colors follow the site theme.

You can configure the following web part properties:

  • The list you want to show
  • The list view to filter the list items
  • The grouping field by which you want to group the list items
  • The sorting order of the grouping field
  • The template to customize the presentation of the grouping field
  • The list items (content) you want to show
  • The sorting order of the content
  • The template to customize the presentation of the list items (content)

Take both of them and save money!

Product Price
Accordion & Tabs List Web Part
License Key
per Server License
USD 149.00
This web part is provided by Cellworks, a partner of Amrein Engineering. 
You can also send a PO to
or fax to ++41 62 823 75 74

To download the web parts and installation instructions, please refer to the
Accordion List Web Part and Tabs List Web Part respectively.

Here you see two typical samples of using the Accordion and Tabs List.

User tasks can be presented in a clear and focused way with the Tabs List:

And what about a menu card in the Accordion List?

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the Tabs List Web Part Installation Instructions (PDF file) 
  2. Deploy the feature to your server/farm as described in the instructions.
  3. Navigate to a page where you would like to place the webpart and choose "Site Actions/Edit Page"
  4. Add the web part to the appropriate zone. The web part is listed in the "VEA" web part gallery section
  5. After adding the Tabs List web part, you may proceed to the configuration of the web part.
  6. Configure the following Web Part properties in the Web Part Editor "Tabs Connection" and "Tabs List Style" pane section as described in the Installation Instructions:
  • List Name: Select the list you want to present in the drop-down field
  • View Name: Select the view to filter your list items accordingly.
  • Grouping Field: Select the field by which you want to group the list items.
  • Group Sorting Field: Select the field, by which you want the grouping tabs to be sorted. Default sorting refers to the Grouping Field itself. Select either Ascending or Descending sorting order.
  • Grouping Template: Additionally you may use the Grouping Template to format the Grouping Field through standard HTML code.
  • Content Type: By selecting the option "Field" you will get a drop-down list to select the list field you want to group. By selecting the option "Template" you will be offered a text box to enter HTML code.

    Fields are represented by: [Row.FieldTitle] or [Row.Index]
  • Content Sorting Field: Select the field, by which you want the content to be sorted. Default sorting refers to the sorting order in the selected view. If no view is selected, you should select a content sorting field. Select either Ascending or Descending sorting order.
  • Title Font Size: This is the font size of the Grouping Field in pixels. The default value is 11.
  • Title Bold: By clicking this checkbox the Grouping Field will be displayed with bold font.
  • Title: The title in the "Appearance" pane is automatically set to the List Name selected in the "Tabs Connection" pane. . You may choose any other name.
  • License Key: Here you enter the license key for your purchased web part.
  • JQuery: In case you want to use an existing JQuery, add the following key into the of the web.config file of your SharePoint Site: <ADD value="1" key="VEA.UseExistingJQuery" />. Any other value will disregard existing JQueries. Setting it ones, applies to all Accordion and Tabs List Web Parts.

Please enter a comment below if you have problems with the installation, want to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements:

User Comments Post a Comment 

5/30/2011 16:05 
Hi, I want to buy the MOSS2007 version of this bundle. I hope you generate it before this date Thank you
6/9/2011 09:49 
Hi Abbas, we have a running prototype of the Accordion List on MOSS2007 now. We should be able to provide at least this version by tomorrow. If you want to be sure to benefit from the promotion, I would advise you to by the bundle as is. I confirm, that you will get the MOSS2007 compliant version not later than Friday, 17th June.
6/17/2011 22:46 
Hi Abbas, both Accordion List and Tabs List web part are now available for MOSS2007.
6/18/2011 13:27 
Hi Christian I bought the bundle. but when I installed and use it, it showed an ID like this: {DC892EDD-F275-4D95-BCE1-EC2E25C1CFE1} It does not show the record.
6/18/2011 14:38 
Hi Christian, I set the "Content Type" field of theweb part and my previous problem solved. I have new problem, Whan I click on an Item, it goes to this URL: "http://kelk/Lists/News/DispForm.aspx?ID=5&Source=http://kelk/FA/Pages/Temp/publication.aspx" but it must go to this URL "http://kelk/FA/Lists/News/DispForm.aspx?ID=5&Source=http://kelk/FA/Pages/Temp/publication.aspx" it ignores the "/FA" in the url!
6/19/2011 17:55 
Hi Abbas, I have seen your comments and we will take care of it on Monday CET. In the meantime can you tell us how you generated the URL? Is it done via the [Row.ViewUrl] or [Row.EditUrl] reference? The problem might be specific to your setup. Thus I would propose direct contact over email. I assume that you are the buyer with the email address: Do you confirm? Please contact us by email:
6/19/2011 19:15 
Hi Christian Yes,I am the buyer with that emil address. I generated the URL via the [Row.ViewUrl] and [Row.EditUrl] reference, But I recieved the same response. I sent more informtion to your Thank you!
6/19/2011 19:15 
Hi Christian Yes,I am the buyer with that emil address. I generated the URL via the [Row.ViewUrl] and [Row.EditUrl] reference, But I recieved the same response. I sent more informtion to your Thank you!
6/22/2011 17:31 
Hi Abbas, in fact [Row.ViewUrl] returns: /Lists/News/DispForm.aspx?ID=5&Source=http://kelk/FA/Pages/Temp/publication.aspx. Sharepoint automatically adds the root of the site collection, that is http://kelk. So if you want a specific language version, write: http://kelk/FA[Row.ViewUrl] or http://kelk/FA[Row.Edit].
6/24/2011 17:59 
Hi Christian, are CAML queries supported to filter results within each Tab? Thanks.
6/29/2011 15:07 
Hi, seems to be a great web part, but... is there any chance to render the original sharepoint list inside the tab?
6/30/2011 14:26 
Hi Marcus, I am not sure to understand exactly what you are looking for. The content template allows you to render the list fields in every way you want. So the list could look exactly like the original one. You could even rebuild the header line with the grouping template... Does that answer your question?
6/30/2011 14:27 
No, CAML filtering is not supported within this web part. The way we filter data is through list views, which you can select as basis of the list items.
8/30/2011 22:12 
Hi, Great webpart! My question is, if my MOSS2007 webpage is black (the default theme), why doesnt the webpart inherit the colors from the theme? Thanks
9/6/2011 09:58 
Hi JP, the problem is that theming is not as consistent in MOSS2007 as it is now in 2010. We have therefore added in the new version 1.3 the possibility to set theming colors manually. This should solve your issues.
9/28/2011 09:37 
Hi Shawn, thanks for the suggestion. We look into it. Otherwise the next release will have the option to choose all panels closed initially. Please look out.
2/21/2012 10:18 
if i changed the title web part property for the user group is having edit permissions it show the assigned name.for the remaining users those who are having only add the list item permissions it is showing list name only ...why it is showing list name and what is the solution to show the title same to all users
Support Team  
2/22/2012 13:48 
Hi rao
I am not sure what exactly you mean. To which of the two web parts are you refering? Could you rephrase your question and send it to
Dan Neuman  
9/27/2012 21:16 
Is there a way to make a SQL-Select Statement where the data resides on a SQL Server the List Source?
Dan Neuman  
11/13/2012 22:10 
Any update on the ability to have all items collapsed by default for the accordian view? Before you said October/November.
Support Team  
1/3/2013 13:11 

@SQL, this is not possible.
@items collapsed: this is possible with the upcomming version. please send us an email at and we will send you this newest release.
2/14/2013 03:04 
Hello, I have downloaded the trial and wondering if there are any limitations? I have an accordian reading from a list OK, but not all the items in the list are rendering in the accoridian?? Is there a limit of items the accordian will handle? Thanks
2/14/2013 04:48 
ANSWER: I had specified the item limit to 30 in the list view settings, so the accordian was only rendering the first 30 items. Once I changed that to '9999', thay all appeared.
Support Team  
3/18/2013 14:54 
For question regarding the support for SharePoint 2013 please send us an email to At the moment we are working on this and we will put the versions as soon as possible on the website. We can put you on our mailing list regarding the release date of it.
6/20/2013 09:46 
Is it possible to have thumbnail images displayed within a tab? I've been trying various html code in the content type template such as: <tr>
<td><img scr='[Row.Picture]' />[Row.Body]<td></tr> but it dosen't display the image.
Support Team  
6/20/2013 10:28 
Christine, you need to see what is stored in [Row.Picture]. You will need the absolut path for the picture. If you have further questions, write us at info at
4/21/2014 16:49 
Is there a version for WSS 3.0?
Support Team  
4/24/2014 11:28 
Bill, unfortunately these versions are disconinued.
6/24/2014 20:32 
Hi Guys

I have purchased this Web Part SharePoint 2010. Now we have migrated our infrastructure to 2013. Can I still use the same license in 2013 while using the product??
Support Team  
6/25/2014 11:15 
Hi Narendra, the licenses are still valid for the SP2013 versions.
8/4/2014 20:06 
I'd like to try and use this to show people in a "Key Contacts" list for our site.

I was thinking Departments or Job Function as the Tab or Accordian header. Then when you get there show the people. The only issue is that I can't seem to show more than one field in the result.

I was hoping for something that lets us define which columns (like the list search part does), have Microsoft Lync Status is also a must for any list showing people.

Thanks for any feedback.
Support Team  
8/5/2014 16:43 
Mike, if want to show more then one field, please use the template. There you insert field with [Row.<fieldname>]. If you need more help, please write us an email (info at cellworks ch)
2/7/2017 21:08 
Is there a way to connect a search / filter webpart that will search the headers in the accordion and filter the accordian? It would be nice to be able to search when there is a lot of items in the list.
Support Team  
2/9/2017 21:03 
Mark, yes this is possible with the Amrein Filter Web Part. For further assistance pleace contact us via email.
6/14/2017 22:47 
Does this web part work in SharePoint Online?
9/21/2017 20:15 
Hi there, I've downloaded the test web parts to see if I want to buy. I'm having a problem testing the Accordion web part. No matter what I put in the Grouping Field, the web part renders the following error message: "Invalid Grouping Field! Syntax error: Missing operand after 'b89' operator" -- the operator reference changes depending on the column selected.

The Tabs List web part works just fine, and with all other selections being equal, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.
9/21/2017 20:16 
I should add I'm using SharePoint 2016 on-prem. Thanks.
Sandra Henry  
10/2/2019 21:50 
I am grouping by a date in a custom list. It is pulling and displaying records but is subtracting 1 day from all the dates. I have not seen this issue before in any of the webparts. Could it be from a difference in time zones. I am in Canada near Toronto.
Thank you,

Technical Support Contact Information
If you find that you cannot resolve an issue using the above tools, our Technical Support staff will be ready to handle your technical support needs. You can reach our staff by phone or by email.

Phone: +41 (0)62 823 75 75 (9am - 5pm GMT)
Fax : +41 (0)62 823 75 74

Love the products and really appreciate the quick responses if there were issues using or installing/configuring.

Robert Hanlon, Trail Blazers Inc.

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