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Microsoft Sharepoint Web Parts

Sharepoint Swipe Gallery Web Part

Swipe Gallery Web Part

Introducing the AMREIN SharePoint Swipe Gallery Web Part, a picture gallery for SharePoint, with a twist.  Most galleries require a user to click a button to advance to the next image.  But, Swipe Gallery works just like a touch device, where you can use your mouse to swipe between images.  On a touch enabled device you can use your finger.  Simply click and drag your mouse in a swiping motion to advance the gallery.  Optionally, you can use classic arrows to navigate the gallery.  It also features a Slide Show mode to auto swipe after a set delay.  It can be used to display images from ANY library in a site collection.

Important Note:
Microsoft recently released an announcement ( that they are effectively Shutting Down Sandbox Solutions with Code in Office 365 on November 30 2016. This decision has come as a shock to the SharePoint community and we are working on path forward.  Sandbox solutions have been deprecated for years but are (were) a reliable way to build SharePoint Web Parts for on and off premise sites.  There was no earlier warning with a specific date that Sandbox Solutions with Code would be disabled, therefore we couldn’t warn our customers ahead of time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Note, the product still works On Premise including SharePoint 2016.
  • Packaged as a SharePoint Sandbox Solution, can be installed as a farm solution or sandbox solution on premise or in the cloud.
  • Compatible with SharePoint 2010 (including Foundation), SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019 (on premises).
  • Packaged as a Site Collection Feature. Includes 3 site columns, 1 content type, and 2 libraries. JS and CSS is available via a list in the root site of site collection. Feel free to tweak and make it your own. Almost all source code is JavaScript, free to customize.
  • 30 day trial period. Purchase a license for continued use. License is good for each front-end server (on premise) or each tenant (online).
  • NEW Images in gallery can be clicked to open links in current or new window, see guide for more info.
  • Public/anonymous sites supported.
  • ANY SharePoint List that contains images can be used as gallery source. Recursive file search by default. Sorts by file name ascending by default.
  • Swipe direction can be horizontal (default) or vertical.
  • Four custom border styles included.
  • Text captions are added conditionally, and can be displayed on hover (using HoverIntent plugin, after 300ms of hovering), on click (optimized for touch devices), always, or never.
  • Mouse cursor can be changed to help users identify that the gallery is swipe enabled.
  • Many jQuery animation easing effects included to customize the swipe animation.
  • Slide Show mode included, to auto swipe after a set period of time, which uses the configured swipe animation and easing effect.
  • Show or hide navigation arrows for a classic gallery look and feel.
  • Show or hide the pager dots at the bottom of the gallery. Useful if your gallery has many images and the dots take up too much space (or look strange).

Installation Instructions:
  • For Farm Solution installation: using either PowerShell or STSADM, add the WSP to the farm (we recommend opening SharePoint PowerShell, then using STSADM within):
    - STSADM.EXE -o addsolution -filename "AESwipeGallery.wsp"
    - then deploy the solution using Central Administration (System Settings, Farm Solutions), so you can easily target the web application.
  • For Sandbox Solution installation, open the Site Collection that you want to add the web part, open Site Settings (must be a site admin or owner to do this), open the Solution Gallery (or Solutions in 2013), add the WSP to the gallery, then activate the solution.
  • After the solution is deployed (either Farm or Sandbox), you then activate a Site Collection Feature named “AE Swipe Gallery Web Part”. This adds the web part and creates some libraries in the root site of the site collection.
  • Add the web part to a page (Group is “Amrein Engineering”, web part name is “Swipe Gallery Web Part”).
  • Edit the web part properties.
  • Enter a license key, or leave blank for a 30 day trial.
  • Enter the web site url (as a server relative url) that the list containing the pictures is located, or leave blank to use the current web site.
  • Enter the name of the list where the images are saved. Optionally, you can use the default list that is created when the feature is activated.
  • That’s it! Save the web part and refresh the page. Your gallery should now be filled with the images from the list.
  • UPDATE: Due to a reported SharePoint Online bug with sandbox solutions, you might need to disable the Minimal Download Strategy site feature for this web to work. This may also effect SP2013.

Product Price     
Swipe Gallery Web Part
Sandbox Solution for SP 2010, 2013 and 2016 
free download..
Swipe Gallery  Web Part License Key
Single Front-End Server
USD 100.00
Swipe Gallery  Web Part License Key
Up to 3 Front-End Servers
USD 200.00
Swipe Gallery  Web Part License Key
Unlimited Front-End Servers
USD 500.00
Web Part Installation Instructions download..

Please enter a comment below if you have problems with the installation, want to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements:

User Comments Post a Comment 

9/12/2014 10:38 
I can not download the " Web Part Installation Instructions". is its download-link OK?
Thanks & regards,
9/18/2014 17:09 
@Abbas: link has been updated, should be working now.
10/22/2014 15:55 
When the webpart gets to the end of the images, it speed-scrolls through all of them to get back to the beginning instead of just going back to the first. Is there a way to prevent this?
10/24/2014 15:28 
@DRECustom, sorry that's the way its designed, when using the arrow buttons (which could be turned off/hidden). But, if you turn the option "fade arrows" on, then it won't wrap around, and the effect will not happen. I'm looking into a custom JS file to send you that may help too.
11/19/2014 17:05 
Hello, would it be possible for each slide to to link for more information? It appears that this is just pictures and captions?

12/2/2014 21:29 
Is it possible to have the slider fit the web part zone? When using the fixed width, the slider does not fill the entire web part zone.
12/2/2014 21:32 
Continuing on my previous comment. The slider does not fit the entire web part zone depending on the monitor size being used. The slider does not fit the entire area when using larger monitors over 21".
12/17/2014 19:50 
I am unable to get the swipe web part to load any pictures. I see in the instructions it says it will pull from ANY list. However, I have tried different lists and libraries with no luck.
12/18/2014 18:57 
@Lynn, the caption can contain HTML, and thus you can add links in the caption for users to click. The images cannot be changed to click to open a new location, because the gallery is swipe enabled which begins with "mousedown", same as "click".

@Alicia, the web part must have its sizes (height and width) explicitly added, it does not automatically fill to fit the width of the window, (i.e. not responsive design).

@David, you should be able to point the web part to any library that contains images files (not just listitems with attachments). The web part properties must be filled out propertly for this to work. See the documentation on how to change the settings. I would start with the default library and make sure it pulls from there, and then get fancy. Perhaps its a permissions issue, or an issue with cross sites (different sites in a site collection)?
D.R.E. Custom Solutions  
10/1/2015 16:35 
This slider is great!!! I've recommended it to at least a dozen clients and most have purchased it. I would like to echo a previous feature request of having a click feature to go to a URL. Instead of on-click to show the description, maybe the photo library can have a property to enter a URL when an image is clicked?
1/3/2016 00:58 
Is it possible to pass the photo library to the slideshow webpart as a variable in the aspx pages' url string?

3/10/2016 17:59 
We noticed an issue with Document Library Templates not appearing in the "Add an App" screen.

We found that the “AE Swipe Gallery Web Part” feature contains a list template that is "Hidden". This causes other document library templates to marked as "Hidden" as well. When we de-activate the web part on the features list, it fixes the issue.

Can you confirm this and possibly provide an update to resolve it?

Ajuna Newton Brian  
3/19/2016 16:53 
I am having a problem with this web part jquery conflicting with other jquery versions
3/31/2016 21:54 
@D.R.E. Custom Solutions, a new version is available for download that adds this functionality, the image in the gallery is clickable if a link url is found in the source library. A field named 'swipe_link' and contain the URL and a field named 'swipe_link_target' can contain the target like _blank or _top. See the product doc for more info.

Technical Support Contact Information
If you find that you cannot resolve an issue using the above tools, our Technical Support staff will be ready to handle your technical support needs. You can reach our staff by phone or by email.

Phone: +41 (0)62 823 75 75 (9am - 5pm GMT)
Fax : +41 (0)62 823 75 74

These webparts works well and are easy to configure. We are using the Survey webpart and also the Stock Quotes on our intranet.

Lise Rasmussen, Polarcus Dubai

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