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 Free Sharepoint Web Parts
The following free Sharepoint Web Part are now available for download:
  • the Digital Clock Sharepoint Web Part displays the current date and time
  • the Stock Chart Web Part displays a chart for a selected stock symbol
  • the Stock Quotes Web Part displays up-to-date stock information provided by MSN Money Central
  • the Daily Dilbert Web Part displays the daily Dilbert comic strip provided by
  • the Random Quote of the Day Web Part displays a randomly selected quote
  • the Spotlight On.. Web Part displays a randomly selected "Spotlight On" entry 
  • the Tip of the Day Web Part displays a randomly selected Tip of the Day
  • the Picture Lightbox Web Part displays the content of a selected Sharepoint Picture Library as a lightbox 
  • the Weather Web Part displays the current weather and forecast for a selected location
  • the Slideshow Web Part displays the content of a Sharepoint Picture Library as a slideshow

All Web Parts can be used both with Windows Sharepoint Services V3 and MOSS.

 Agenda/X Exchange Corporate Agenda
Organization-wide Agenda overview for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
Agenda/X extracts Outlook calendar information stored on the Exchange Server and makes it available on the corporate website. Users get an overview of all appointments using their web browser. Microsoft Internet Information Server publishes this information as a set of views on the company intranet or internet site.
Download a free trial version!

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