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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the installation of Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Title Question
Installation Prerequisites What do I need for a Web Access server installation?
Setup Files Where do I get the things needed for installation?
Client Prerequisites What do my clients need to view Web Access?
Calendar Access Does Exchange Server 5.0 SP 1 give me access to my Calendar ?
File Attachments I'm using IE 3.x and I am running Outlook Web Access from Exchange Server 5.0 SP 1. Why can't I attach a file to a message?
General Settings What settings need to be turned on for Web Access to work?
No Logon Screen When I go to http://myservername/exchange/, I don't get a logon screen for Web Access. What could be wrong?
Send does not work I'm experiencing odd problems with the Web Access components. I can read messages, but not send them. What could be wrong?
Challenge/Response I have enabled NT Challenge/Response on my IIS server, but Internet Explorer either errors out or asks for a logon when I access Web Access.
SSL After updating my Web server to NT 4.0 SP3 and applying the Exch5.0 SP1 Web client update, and putting SSL (Verisign certificate) on my Server Virtual directory, I can access the pages, but after a short while (varies) IE 3.02 for Windows 95 will GPF with the error: IEXPLORE caused a page fault in KERNEL32.DLL
Server Error pages I'm getting Server Error pages returned when I access Web Access with IE or Netscape Navigator, but Web Access was working before. What should I do?
ASP Version How do I know what version of Active Server Pages I have installed?
Netscape Browsers Only MS Internet Explorer seems to work for Web Access. When my users using Netscape browsers try it, they get "Failed to get Inbox". Doesn't Web Access work with Netscape browsers?
Challenge/Response If I have Challenge/Response disabled, what do I type when my browser asks for a user name and password?
404 Access Forbidden I am trying to setup Web access for my Exchange server and I keep getting "404 Access Forbidden" messages. What could be wrong?
NT Logon Prompt When I first access my Web Access page, it prompts me for user name and password. Can I disable that login box?
Cannot open mail items I am able to get to the list of items in my inbox, but I get an error when I try to open any mail items. What could be wrong?
Internet Explorer 4.0 I am using the IE 4.0 beta/Platform Preview to view Web Access and am having problems. Can IE 4 be used against Web Access?
Accessing anonymous public folders When I try to access anonymous public folders, I get the message "HTTP/1.0 500 Server Error (-2146893048)". Is there a setting I'm missing?
Accessing mailboxes I get the message "HTTP/1.0 500 Server Error (-2146893048)" when accessing my mailbox over Web Access. What should I do?



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