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 Outlook Web Access

Title Setup Files  
Question Where do I get the things needed for installation?  
  • Get the latest version of Active Server Pages on your CD-ROM for NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 or from the Microsoft Web site at If you go through the Web page, you will need to register to download IIS 3.0.
    NOTE: IIS 3.0 _is_ Active Server Pages, it's an update to IIS 2.0, which ships with NT 4.0.
  • Get Exchange Server 5.0 from whatever source you get your MS products through. Read the README.WRI on the Server CD.
  • Get the hotfix for ASP from the Microsoft FTP site at and then your respective country. Go to the /nt40/hotfixes-postSP3/asp-fix/ directory and download the fix and README from there.
  • Get Exchange Server 5.0 SP 1 from the MS FTP site at /bussys/exchange/exchange-public/fixes/ and go to your respective language. Then traverse down into the /Exchg5.0/Sp1/ directory and get the README.WRI for the service pack and read it. That will tell you where to get the update for the Exchange Server installation, and a separate file for just a Web Access component installation.
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Last updated on 3/14/1999