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Hyperlinks to Outlook data

To jump to Outlook modules from the web as hyperlinks or from command prompts, use the syntax below:

To link to this module: Use this code:
the Inbox Outlook:inbox
the Contacts list Outlook:contacts
the Calendar Outlook:calendar
a mailbox folder outlook:foldername\subfolder (for example, outlook:mytasks\inprogress)
a specific message in your mail folder outlook:inbox/~subject of message
a specific contact in your Contacts folder outlook:contacts/~name of contact

If you're not concerned with how things look, you can type the above codes directly into your documents or email messages without designating another word to use as the hyperlink. Office recognizes these codes and automatically turns them into blue underlined hyperlinks.
Note: If you want to link to Outlook items with spaces, for example, a folder named my folder, you need to put %20 to represent the space. In the my folder example, you would use outlook:my%20folder.