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List Items Web Part

The List Items Web Part reads the entries from a Sharepoint List or Library (located anywhere in the site collection or web application).
It displays the selected fields using a freely configurable template
Sharepoint 2019 Modern List Items Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

site=SiteUrl (optionally enter a site URL)
list=TeamCalendar (enter the name of the Sharepoint list)
view=SomeView (optionally enter the name of the list view)
template=enter the column names enclosed in curly braces to be displayed including any HTML tags
items=enter the number of items to be displayed
css=optionally enter the CSS style to be applied to each item
wpcss=optionally enter the CSS style to be applied to the web part
linktarget=2 (specify how to open the linked items)
pagesize=10 (enable paging and set the page size)
style=Cards (optionally select one of the available layout styles)
header=Cards (enter an optional header text)
searchbox=Field name(s) (enter one or more list columns)

Web Part Configuration
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User Comments Post a Comment 

9/18/2023 14:46 
How can i Localize the search button in modern?
9/18/2023 15:42 
please re-download the web part, update the farm solution and then add the below line to the "Configuration" setting:

options=search=Your local button caption
2/6/2024 19:56 
Can we set permission on this webpart?
I want to hide it for some users
2/7/2024 14:37 
we have now added the new “audience” option to make the web part only visible if the current user is a member of the SP group specified by the option.

options=other options here..|audience=Home Owners

Please re-download the web part and then update the farm solution.
Lisa Bryant  
4/30/2024 19:00 
Hi, can we set an option to print the list item content? Thanks!
5/2/2024 16:35 
we have now added the “print” web part configuration setting:


to allow printing the list items as displayed by the web part.
Please re-download the web part and then update the farm solution.