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List Search Web Part

The List Search Web Part reads the entries from a Sharepoint List or Library (located anywhere in the site collection) and displays the selected user fields in a grid with an optional interactive search filter.
Sharepoint 2019 Modern List Search Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

site=SiteUrl (optionally enter a site URL)
list=TeamCalendar (enter the name of the Sharepoint list)
view=SomeView (optionally enter the name of the list view)
template=enter the column names to be displayed
detailview=Title (defines the column to be linked)
searchbox=Title;Price (defines the optional search filters)
sortby=Title (optionally defines the sort order)
groupby=Category (optionally defines the group column)
azcolumn=ColumnName (defines the AZ Index column)
pagesize=10 (enable paging and set the page size)
showall=0 (do not display the list items unless a search filter has been applied)
style=Cards (optionally select one of the available grid styles)
addnewitem=1 (display the "Add new item" button)
alternaterowcolor=silver (define the alternate row color)

Web Part Configuration
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User Comments Post a Comment 

7/2/2020 14:37 
Is this webpart available?
7/14/2020 10:10 
Does the search support partial entry... i.e. would title = "Vacuum
" find Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner + all other Vacuum Cleaners?
2/11/2021 15:05 
by default, the search filter does find all words that either contain, start or end with the search term (eg. it behaves as a wildcard serach).
8/25/2021 17:25 
Can this be used for a corporate directory list uploaded from an excel sheet...looking for a solution to display alphabet at top of page, when a letter is selected, display all entries sorted by LastName that start with selected letter...
8/25/2021 17:42 
yes, see the below web part configuration:

list=Name of your Employee Sharepoint list
template=LastName;other fields as needed

2/26/2022 07:05 
Is it possible to extend the search so that the content of a document is also searched for the search term? Thank you!
2/28/2022 10:50 
the search filters are restricted to the document librariy metadata columns, eg. document full-text search is not supported.
3/4/2022 11:40 
Is there an option to adjust Header Row CSS as it is poosible in WebPart for classic pages? Thanks
4/19/2022 13:20 
we have now added the „headercss” setting for the SPFx based version of the List Search web part as for example:


Please re-download the List Search web part and the update the farm solution.
4/28/2022 01:25 
Is there an option to add alternating row colors?
4/28/2022 01:30 
...or add a background color?
4/28/2022 02:56 
I keep getting this error:
List error for reason=1
The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002). It seems like the "detailview" link is not working/linking to the list. I am linking to a tasks list...not sure it that is the reason for the error.
5/12/2022 12:45 
we have now added the new "alternaterowcolor" setting to specify either an alternate row color or both an alternate row color and the row color (by supplying 2 color values, separated by a semicolon) as eg.




Please re-download the List Search web part and then update the farm solution.
This should also fix your issue with the "List error" message when opening the item detail view.
9/26/2022 16:03 
Hi Juerg, is there a setting to adjust Title of the WebPart? same as "headercss". Thanks
10/3/2022 15:10 
this is unfortunately not possible on "modern" pages.
Mags White  
12/15/2022 16:15 
The space between columns is changing depending on text length within one field. Can this be adjusted so space remains the same throughout all rows of data?
12/16/2022 16:30 
to set all table rows to the same height, please add the below to the web part's "Configuration":

options=css=.AELStable TR {height:75px}

(please adjust the height as needed).
12/19/2022 14:42 
Hey Jeurg, I am using the AEList Search on Sharepoint 2019. One of the search columns is not populating results. The corresponding column which it is meant to be searching are I manage links. Can you think of any reason why this may be?
1/20/2023 18:07 
Hey Jeurg, Is this webpart available in a classic sharepoint page?
1/23/2023 11:03 
yes it is.
Please see /apps/page.asp?Q=5805
enda murphy  
3/16/2023 15:21 
Hi Jerug,

Is it possible to add shades to alternate rows on a Listsearch webpart?

Additionally, do you know if its possible to format Json in an email column that could take input data i.e email and then just output that in a view as "Click for email" or something? Apologies if that doesnt make sense.
3/23/2023 14:51 
you can set the alternate row background color via the web part’s Alternating Row Color:

enter the optional color of the alternating row background (leave blank to use default).
Enter either the HTML color names (as eg. "red" etc.) or use hexadecimal RRGGBB coding (as eg. "#CCFFCC").


By default the web part displays e-mail addresses using an envelope icon which opens a mail send form when clicked.
To display an e-mail link column (say named “Email”) as “Click for email”, see the below example of the “template” setting:

template=Title;Email=<a href='mailto:{v}'>Click for email</a>;more columns here..
5/10/2023 17:59 
The web part doesn't seem to be able to find my lists that are on a subsite. I keep getting "List 'list name' does not exist at site with URL 'root site url'
5/10/2023 18:22 
please enter the site URL of the site that hosts the list into the "Configuration" setting as shown below:

5/10/2023 18:36 
Can the date field in the search box be formatted as a date picker?
5/10/2023 18:41 
yes, by prefixing the search filter column in the web part's "Search Box" setting with an "#" character as eg.

5/10/2023 19:50 
Can the date in the list results be formatted as data only (ignore time?)
5/11/2023 11:34 
yes, just append "=date" to the date field in the web part's "Field Tempate" setting as eg.

SomeDateField=date;other fields..
5/19/2023 20:46 
I'd like to move the "Add new item" to above the list search results and can we change the "Add new item" text to something custom?
5/22/2023 10:36 

please add the below line to the web part's "Configuration" setting:

options=newitemposition=1|addnewitem=Your custom button caption here

Bill H  
8/4/2023 20:33 
Can we configure text to wrap to multiple lines? I have a field whose text is pushing the Search box out so users have to use the scroll bar to access.
8/7/2023 11:24 
please see the below example on how to restrict the column width for the column name entered into the “template” web part setting :

Title;Created By;Description::width:150px;more columnshere..
9/12/2023 20:32 
Dear Juerg,

is possible to add url link to list view from calculated field or from 2 text fields where in first is url and in second is ID? URL and ID is from other system as sharepoint

url field: https://moodle.com/course/view.php?id=
id field: 522

9/13/2023 12:38 
yes, please use the below „Template“ setting:

other columns;ID|Link=<a href='https://moodle.com/course/view.php?id={v}'>Moodle</a>
9/18/2023 15:31 
1. How can I localize the search button in the modern version of the webpart?
2. is the a way to create friendly labels for a date range?
9/21/2023 15:06 

1. you will find the AELS.resx resource file in the below folder on the Sharepoint web frontend server:

c:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\16\Resources

If your site “Locale” (see Site Settings/Regional Settings/Region) is set to “English (United States)”, then please directly modify the resource file as needed.

2 .please use the below filter setting:


where “Created” is the column name and “*From” and “To” are the friendly labels.
11/13/2023 15:24 
Dear Juerg,

is possible to add button export or print? I tried export=1 and print=1, but nothing happend.

Thank you
11/14/2023 13:40 
we have now added the new “export” and “print” configuration settings as shown below:


Please re-download the web part and then update the farm solution.
11/15/2023 08:01 
I have a question regarding the display of a Yes/No column as a checkbox. I attempted to use the "template=MyField=checkbox" approach, but it doesn't seem to be working as expected. Could you please provide guidance on the correct method to achieve this?

Additionally, I'm interested in renaming the default True/False values to custom alternatives, such as "Approved" and "Rejected." Is there a specific procedure or syntax I should follow to implement this customization?
Thank you in advance
11/15/2023 11:19 
when specifying the “=checkbox” option:
Does the web part display an interactive checkbox ?
If yes, then doesn’t it seem to be working correctly ?

To override the “True” and “False” displayed for Yes/No fields, please use the below syntax:

7/15/2024 02:30 
Sharepoint 2019 on_Premise ltest version and fully updated. installed the solution and app. added to page. get this error when saving the config

Web Part 'AEListSearch' not found!
at /_catalogs/wp/Forms/AllItems.aspx

I didnt think i missed anything in the install, linking to a document library.
7/15/2024 02:43 
disregard comment above, did not activate properly.

Question: when they click the link to open the document, how do we get this to edit and do what happens in the document library rather than just download like it is?
7/15/2024 15:15 
you can add the “Edit” pseudo column to the “template” setting in order to display the “Edit” icon which allows you to open the document’s “Edit” form.