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KPI Web Part

The KPI Web Part allows to easily set up Key Performance Indicators based on values contained in your Sharepoint Lists.
Sharepoint 2019 Modern KPI Key Performance Indicators Web Part Sharepoint 2019 Modern KPI Key Performance Indicators Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

list=Sharepoint List name containing the definition of the KPI's.
view=List View name (optionally enter a specific list view name)
site=Sharepoint site containing the above list (only needed if the list is in a different site)
kpi=Name of KPI (optionally enter the name of a specific KPI)
twidth=115 (optionally enter the tile width in pixels)
theight=115 (optionally enter the tile height in pixels)
gauge=1 (displays KPI indicators as gauges)
target=New Tab (opens the links in a new browser tab)
css=CSS styles (optionally enter additional CSS styles)

Web Part Configuration
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User Comments Post a Comment 

11/13/2023 10:01 
Which attribute should I set to "target" to open the link in the same window?
If I don't set the target attribute at all, the link doesn't work.
I've tried "Same Window" but it doesn't seem to work.
Thanks for your help
11/13/2023 11:21 

Please use on of the two below settings:

target=In Place
target=New Tab
11/13/2023 15:50 
Perfect !
Thank you very much Juerg :)