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Timer Web Part

The free Timer Web Part allows to display a countdown timer and/or an “elapsed time” timer. 
Sharepoint 2019 Modern Countdown Timer Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

date=5/15/2020 (enter the timer target date)
startdate=4/15/2020 (optionally enter the timer start date)
caption=Product Launch Event (enter the timer caption)
bgc=tomato (enter the optional background color or image URL)
header=Product Launch (enter the optional header text)
footer=Location: Miami (enter the optional footer text)
link=URL (enter the optional target link)
linkcaption=visit the site.. (enter the optional target link caption)
showelapsedtime=1 (display the elapsed time)
elapsedlabel=since (enter the elapsed time label)
showremainingtime=0 (suppress the remaining time)
timeoutmessage=some text (enter the timeout label)
css=custom CSS (override the default web part style)
timefont=17px Segoe UI (override the default timer style)
units=hours (override the default 'Display Units' setting)

Web Part Configuration

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