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Call to Action Web Part

The free "Call to Action" web part allows to easily publish a call to action button, including some descriptive text.
Sharepoint 2019 Modern Call To Action Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

button=Register Now (enter the button caption)
url=http://sometarget (enter the target URL)
title=Tax Conference 2020 (enter the title text)
text=add some text here (enter the body text)
target=new tab|in place (specify the browser tab for the target link)
bgc=orange (enter the optional background color)
css=add your optional CSS styles

Web Part Configuration
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Taylor Krauae  
3/6/2023 22:30 
Can you give examples of adding CSS to change button color?
Taylor Krause  
3/15/2023 18:10 
Can you configure the button to open in the same tab? The default behavior opens the URL in a new tab.
3/15/2023 18:21 
you can use the „target“ setting as follows:

target=new tab
target=in place

so you would specify:
target=in place
3/16/2023 15:58 
Hi can you give me some examples of using css on this button part?
3/16/2023 16:12 
to change the style of the button please see the below example:

css=.AEBTbutton {background-color:#07d;color:white}
3/21/2023 12:43 
Hi I have 3 buttons in 3 separate columns, but they are not aligning properly as one is above the other. Is there a way to adjust the height across the webparts so that they would all be aligned properly?
3/22/2023 14:57 
can you send us a screenshot of your page to illustrate the issue ?
Please send it to [email protected]