2.25 Form Tile

The "Form" tile displays a freely designable form (as defined in the "Contents" tile setting) either within the tile or in a Sharepoint dialog window.
Please note that the "AE Quick Form" web part needs to be installed in the farm (please see /apps/page.asp?Q=5793 ).

Feedback Form Example:

This example sends the form to an e-mail recipient.

Title: Send Feedback
Description: [ms-Feedback]Send Feedback
Content: @Recipient=amrein@amrein.com @SentBy=info@amrein.com @Subject=Page Feedback @Submit=Submit Feedback Type=R[Suggestion,Problem,Compliment]/5 Comment=M35/5


Form Tile linking to a feedback form

Feedback Form

'Kudos' Form Example:

This example sends the form to the "Kudos" Sharepoint list.

Title: Give Kudos
Description: [fa-comment-o]
Content: Give Kudos to|Recipient=a265 Message=M40/4
URL: http://domain/Lists/Kudos/AllItems.aspx
Form Tile linking to a Kudos form

Kudos Form

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5/31/2022 21:58 
When I put contents in the "content" box the form pops up but states "Please configure this form." There is an Edit Form link but that has proven beneficial. How do I get this to pop up as a editable box?
5/31/2022 22:10 
Meant "has not" proven beneficial.
6/1/2022 14:14 
we recently introduced this bug so you will need to re-download the "Quick Form" web part (see /apps/page.asp?Q=5793 ) and then update the farm solution (the new version is 1.4.60)..