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Microsoft Outlook 98 Frequently Asked Questions
Answers some important questions about the upcoming version.

Anthony Humphreys FAQ for Microsoft Outlook 97
This document attempts to answer some of the questions that people have asked me about Microsoft's new product Outlook '97

Microsoft Official Outlook Homepage
Discover how our new desktop information manager helps you communicate, organize and manage all of your information with one integrated application.
The Microsoft® Outlook™ desktop information manager is designed to help users with fundamental computing activities, such as organizing information on the desktop, working seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications, and communicating and sharing information with others. Outlook manages e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks and to-do lists, and documents or files on the hard drive. Outlook helps users communicate through e-mail, phone support and group scheduling capabilities. Outlook also helps users share information by means of public folders, forms and Internet connectivity. Outlook is scheduled to ship in Office 97 and also as a standalone application. It is intended to replace Schedule+ in the Office box.

Infoworld Desktop information manager Outlook presents a great picture
Are you ready for DIM? Microsoft Corp. is calling its new offering, Microsoft Outlook 97, a desktop information manager (DIM). Despite its unfortunate acronym, a DIM is a cross between a personal information manager (PIM) and groupware. Outlook offers a compromise-free mix of e-mail, a calendar, a contact database, a to-do list, a group scheduler, an activities journal, and a desktop organizer. Due to ship at year's end, it will replace Schedule+ in Microsoft Office 97 and will have tight integration with Office applications, although it can be used as a stand-alone application.

Microsoft White Paper
Microsoft Outlook 97: Interoperability with Microsoft Exchange Client, Microsoft Mail Version 3.x, Microsoft Schedule+ 95, and Microsoft Schedule+ Version 1.0

Microsoft Product Information
Microsoft Outlook 97 Programmability Enhancements

Microsoft Press Learn! Microsoft® Outlook 97: Getting Organized
Microsoft Outlook is a powerful new organization tool - and an important part of the new Microsoft Office 97 suite. This lively videotape gives you a preview of how Microsoft Outlook can help you better manage your contacts, task and time.

Slipstick Systems Microsoft Outlook FAQ
This FAQ is an unofficial look at the new Microsoft Outlook software, which is currently in beta. Once Outlook is officially released, check back here for details on how to get up and running on it fast.

Martin Matthews The Microsoft Outlook Handbook
This book shows you, step-by-step, how to become more productive by using Outlook to seamlessly integrate all your Internet and intranet communications with your desktop information. You'll learn how to use Outlook to manage your email, scheduling, tasks, contacts and files, and see examples of four realistic scenarios that demonstrate how to exploit Outlook to the max.

Microsoft Press Building Microsoft Outlook 97 Applications
This text is a results-oriented book that offers both the non-programmer and the experienced MIS professional the information strategies and sample applications they need to get started building user groupware and mail-enabled applications in and for Microsoft Outlook 97 almost immediately.

Slipstick Systems Exchange Center Chilton Preview for Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook's AutoPreview lets you see just the first three lines of messages. This tiny add-on puts a whole third pane on your Outlook window, to let you scroll through entire messages without opening them. Version 0.1.71, 17kb, 5 May 97, freeware.

Microsoft Outlook Free Stuff
Rules Wizard Beta
Install this powerful wizard to create and edit natural-language rules to manage incoming and outgoing messages. For known issues and other information about this beta, please read the Release Notes.

Sample Groupware Applications
Developing some applications for Outlook? Download any or all of these 14 free sample applications. For additional assistance with developing forms in Outlook 97, download the Outlook Forms add-in Help file.

Additional Microsoft Outlook Converters
Use this package to install Outlook converters for Starfish Sidekick 1.0/95, Symantec ACT! 2.0 for Windows, NetManage Ecco Pro 3.0, 3.01, or 3.02, and more.

Inbox Shortcut Update
Replace the Microsoft Exchange Inbox icon on the Windows 95 desktop with a Microsoft Outlook icon.

Microsoft Schedule+ Print Files
Install these support files to print a Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0 calendar from Microsoft Outlook.

SwitchForms Utility
Install the SwitchForms utility if you need to switch between Microsoft Exchange Client and Microsoft Outlook on the same system.

Timex Data Link Watch Wizard
Use this wizard to export your appointments, tasks, phone numbers, and other information from Microsoft Outlook to your Timex Data Link Watch.

Outlook Support for Lotus cc:Mail
Coming Soon!

Slipstick Systems Exchange Center Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard FAQ
This FAQ is an unofficial look at the Rules Wizard add-on for the new Microsoft Outlook software, part of both Microsoft Office 97 and Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0.

Don Adams The Outlook Resource Site
contains Outlook Code Examples, links to other Outlook Resources and links to Programming and Consulting Resources.

DataViz, Inc. Desktop To Go for Pilot
Desktop To Go synchronizes the US Robotics Pilot Address, Date Book, To Do List and Memo Pad with various desktop contact managers and group schedulers, including Outlook97. Any additions, modifications or deletions made on your Pilot or desktop are automatically updated on both platforms.

Microsoft Corp. Importing and Linking Exchange and Outlook Data to Microsoft Access
Have you ever wanted to import one of your Microsoft Exchange address books to a Microsoft Access table? Or perhaps you'd like to have a Microsoft Access table linked to your Outlook Inbox, so you can use Microsoft Access to query your incoming mail for specific information. The idea of creating a Microsoft Access form to view your mail may even bring a sparkle to your eye. You can do these things - and much more - by using the Import Exchange/Outlook Wizard and the Link Exchange/Outlook Wizard. With these wizards, you can view and work with information from your mail folders and address books by using Microsoft Access 97.

Chapura Inc. PilotMirror
PilotMirror is our new conduit to sync U.S. Robotics® PalmPilot™ PDA and Microsoft®Outlook™ 97.   PilotMirror makes the job of keeping your personal information up-to-date, faster and easier with the push of a button.PilotMirror synchronizes PalmPilot's Date Book, Address Book, To Do List, and Memo Pad applications with Outlook's default calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes folders. 

Puma Technology IntelliSync for Windows CE
The IntelliSync for Windows CE software from Puma Technology enhances the power and convenience of your Windows CE handheld device. IntelliSync for Windows CE enables you to synchronize your handheld PC directly with your favorite PC-based personal information management, contact management and group scheduling applications all in one easy step. It supports among others Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows 95 7.0 and 7.0a, Microsoft Exchange Address Book and Microsoft Outlook 1.0

Jay B. Harlow Routed Message Form
The Routed Message Form is a Microsoft Outlook 97 form that can be used to send a message sequentially to a list of Outlook/Exchange recipients. It uses a custom 'RouteTo' text field to keep track of the recipients while the form is being routed to the next person in the To box.

Imaging Technology Solutions Staxx for Office 97
Get your office organized with Microsoft® Office 97 and Staxx. Staxx software captures and stores, in one convenient place, all the documents associated with your Microsoft Access and Outlook databases. It automatically links scanned paper or Windows documents to any customer, sales, inventory, or other record.

Brian Cadge Outlook Agenda Sync for Psion S3A
I wrote this software to synchronise my Microsoft Outlook 97 Calendar, Contacts and Tasks to my Psion S3A as I couldn't find any software available commercially to do the job. This beta release adds the ability to automatically synchronise your Outlook 97 Calendar and Tasks to an Agenda file called OUTLOOK. In addition, you can download your Outlook 97 Contacts Address Book to a database file called CONTACTS.

James E. Beveridge Import Your Windows Address Book to Outlook
WabOut is a utility that will import the contents of your Microsoft Internet Mail Windows Address Book into Microsoft Outlook. WabOut makes the work a painless one-click operation. WabOut is freeware, but contributions are gratefully accepted.

Julia Kelly Discover Outlook
Outlook, a new program, is a component of Office 97 and replaces Exchange as the email application found in Windows 95 and NT. With this book, users can learn about Outlook's most useful features that can be employed from day one.

Claudia Willen The ABCs of Outlook 97
The ABCs of Outlook 97 is an easy-to-use, task-oriented guide to using Microsoft Outlook's most practical features. Friendly design and accessible chapter show you how to fully harness Outlook 97's capabilites. The result? You quickly find what you need, accomplish all your tasks on time, and move on

Hexolutions Software Inc. WordLookIn ©
Do you have a list of Contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook 97© that you can't make use of? I did. The Word/Outlook integration offered in Office 97 just didn't seem to do it for me. The dialog that is offered doesn't give enough options to select information that I've stored in my contact database and doesn't let me place it where it's needed. WordLookIn allows you to select the Contact you need, and up to 6 contact properties to add to your current document. WordLookIn also stores your last updates based on the current document template in the registry, allowing you to quickly select a template and contact. All you need in your template are a series of bookmarks where you want to add the text. WordLookIn automatically scans for these bookmarks and adds them to the user interface.

Olivier Fischer Dates and Data
Dates and Data contains more that 4000 dates that can be imported individually or in group into Microsoft Schedule+ version 7.0 or Microsoft Outlook. Dates and Data contains a variety of dates/Events (Profesional golf schedules, National holidays in various countries (Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan,etc.), birthdays of famous people, religious holidays (Christian, Christian Orthodox, Islamic, Jewish (including time for lighting candles and Havdalah in 1997 for more than 20 cities)), car racing, baskettball, College sports,etc.)

Ludek Mokry CaBook 1.00 Address Book Manager
This extension provides Address Book Manager custom action to MS Outlook 97 Rules Wizard and MS Exchange Server Inbox Assistant. This custom action allows you to determine which sender's email address will be added to Address Book or remove from it. Address book might be either Outlook Contact Folder or Personal Address Book. In case that you use Outlook Contact Folder you can set categories and comment field.

Microsoft Outlook Support Home Page
Important KB articles, FAQ, setup and conversion issues etc.

Andrejs Mednis Outlook Extensions
OlGetM - Outlook Get/Send Messages Extension:
Version 1.2c - multithreaded now for polling, sending, & retrieving e-mail. This extension adds either 1 or 2 buttons to your main Outlook toolbar to send/retrieve your mail.

OlRmnd - Outlook Reminders:
View reminders from tasks and calendar while Outlook is not running. This utility takes little ram to run in and will notify you of reminders that you have set in Outlook without having Exchange running. On my systems there is an average savings of 10% in system resources.

OlCat - Outlook Categories Common Usage:
It allows a system admin to keep current and common categories for Outlook the same for everyone using OL in the system. The user is able to do a live refresh without shutting Outlook down. The user is also able to revert back to the original categories at the touch of a button. The admin has the option of either merging the new categories in with existing or replacing with the common standard.

Logisoft Inc. FileIt!
FileIt! is an information management tool that interacts with Microsoft Outlook. QuickPage is the premier feature of FileIt!. It provides dual functionality: it enables you to easily page the contacts that you have stored in Outlook and it allows you to forward your email to your alphanumeric pager.

cnet Outlook 97 Tips
To the delight of many, Office 97's Outlook scheduler and communication program revamps and replaces Schedule+ and the Exchange client (a.k.a. Windows Messaging) that came in earlier versions of Office. Outlook employs several modules to help you organize your time and communicate with others. Each module is useful on its own, but the intelligent integration of the pieces makes Outlook a powerful tool for organizing your work. Check out our tips for getting the most out of Outlook.

USEast Network Services Outlook Developers Resource Center
The Outlook Developers Resource Center is dedicated to providing information and resources to seasoned Outlook developers as well as to those who want to do simple modifications to Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Access for Microsoft Schedule+ 7.x
This driver enables you to open Microsoft Outlook calendars from within Schedule+ 7.x. This works only with Windows NT or Windows 95 versions of Schedule+ 7.x. You must also be using Microsoft Exchange Server.

JTech Wireless Secretary for Outlook 97
Wireless Secretary for Outlook 97 forwards Microsoft Outlook email, appointments, events and tasks to alphanumeric pagers. It functions as an effective way to deliver email notification and reminders directly to people when they are not at their computer. Messages from Wireless Secretary for Outlook 97 are sent to pagers via modem or email.

Microsoft Using Excel To Do a Bulk Mailing in Outlook
This paper shows you how you can use Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft Outlook™ to automate a bulk personal mailing — that is, a mailing that sends a standard message multiple times, each time with a single recipient on the To line. This paper also shows how you can customize the message for each recipient.

Microsoft Outlook Express
Internet Explorer 4.0 presents Outlook Express, the messaging tool that takes your e-mail and newsgroup communications to new heights! Outlook Express is the full, Internet standards-based e-mail client that is included with standard or full installations of Internet Explorer 4.0. Outlook Express is easy to set up and use, and provides you with secure, personalized, and complete features that make creating, sending, and reading your e-mail a more rich and dynamic experience.

Sales Solutions Systems Agent Outlook
In 1997 Microsoft unveiled its revolutionary desktop information manager: Outlook. Now, the only plug-in in EXISTENCE that allows agents to track clients, prospects, policies, carriers, and stock portfolios within Outlook has finally arrived.

Gumbi Signature Fortune Cookie
The Signature Fortune Cookie (SFC) is a program which updates a selected signature file fortune cookie line. This fortune cookie is randomly picked from one of 5 configured text files and supports MS Outlook 97.

Slipstick AutoSign
This custom action uses Notes folders in Microsoft Outlook to organize any number of collections of signatures that can be applied to messages, based on Rules Wizard rules. For random signatures, just put more than one signature note in a folder.

Mark B. Chavez My Schedule
My Schedule allows you to get pager/email notifications from your Outlook Calendar appointments. My Schedule uses the default Outlook profile to connect to the default information store. All appointment and event items are read starting from current date and ending after a configurable number of days. Only items with the remind property set will be acknowledged and displayed in the list view. Appointments and Events are viewable in separate lists. Properties of each item can be viewed and optionally modified via a link to the Outlook AppointmentItem object.

With MobileCHOICE, you can now page your associates, friends and family right from Microsoft™ Outlook. Wireless messages can easily be sent to a contact form the Microsoft™ Outlook Contacts folder and an individual Contact form using the "New Message to Contact's Pager" command. Pager information can be added through the contact form. Separate wireless addresses may also be added to your Personal Address Book.

Chapura Resolve E-mail Address Utility
ResolveEmail is a small VB program that will resolve all your Outlook Contacts' e-mail addresses.   Currently, PilotMirror can not resolve (add to your address book) e-mails that were added to Outlook from the PalmPilot.   This utility will save the time of resolving your e-mails manually.

Riccardo Moretti Group Schedule
For Microsoft Outlook connected to Microsoft Exchange Server, displays the schedules for a group of users in a color-coded grid. You can double-click any cell in the grid to get more detailed information on a user's appointments. Free prototype expires 12/31/97. Version 1.0, 990kb, 25 Sep 1997.
Download Group Schedule.

Seagate Crystal Reports for Microsoft Outlook 97
Crystal Reports for Microsoft Outlook 97 is contained in the Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit and adds report design and viewing capabilities to Outlook 97. This tool has two components: the Crystal Reports Designer, which is used to build, manipulate and format reports; and the Crystal Reports Analyzer, which allows you to view reports created from Outlook data.

Catalyst Innovations Lightning for Outlook
In today's fast-paced world, you need to be able to enter and retrieve your daily commitments and contacts very rapidly.  Lightning for Outlook is an innovative tool that expands your ability to get information into and out of Outlook quickly and effectively.  Lightning provides you with a vast set of capabilities to make your Outlook use more productive and efficient.

Microsoft Outlook Basics
The topics covered provide a introduction to Microsoft Outlook. The topics in the section "Introduction to Profiles and Services" are basic to Outlook and you should read them carefully. In the sections "Creating a Profile Containing an Information Service" and "Working With Address Books" you can select the secific topic or topics that apply to how you want to setup and use Outlook.

Sue Mosher The Microsoft Outlook E-mail and Fax Guide
Goes way beyond the basics to put Microsoft Outlook 97 to work managing your messages. Covers the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch, Rules Wizard and special features for Microsoft Exchange Server users. Available fall '97. ISBN 1-882419-82-0.

Applied Computing Services PubJournal for Microsoft Outlook
The PubJournal utility begins to addresses the issue of creating Microsoft Outlook journal entries for contacts in a Microsoft Exchange Server public folder. When you create a journal entry for a public folder contact, the journal item goes into the Journal folder in your mailbox, not into a public Journal folder.

Sales Solutions Systems OPTIMUS PRO
It is the dawn of a new era for the insurance and financial services industry. In 1997 Microsoft unveiled its revolutionary desktop information manager: Outlook. Now, the only plug-in in existence that allows agents to track clients, prospects, policies, carriers, and stock portfolios within Outlook has finally arrived.

Microsoft Microsoft Outlook Administrator's Guide
This Microsoft® Outlook™ 97 Administrator's Guide provides useful information to help administrators deploy, support, and understand Outlook in their organizations. This guide compiles important Outlook information (available from a number of published Microsoft materials) into a single document for administrators.

ProSoft Apps PC iMail 1.0
PC iMail was developed for those who have legitimate email list management and communications needs, like sales reps with contacts who have requested periodic product updates, or webmasters who need to send web site announcements to guest book recipients. PC iMail also imports email addresses from Outlook, saving you the hassle of manually copying addresses from your Outlook folders. It also saves your email database in a text format for maximum compatibility with all major database software.

Omron Advanced Systems MailJail
MailJail is an artificial intelligence based tool that enables email users to filter out unwanted and unsolicited information and messages according to personal preferences, while at the same time ensuring the free flow of information. Supported E-mail Environments: Eudora Pro and Eudora Light 3.0.5, Eudora Pro 4.0, Microsoft Outlook 97