Outlook 98 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's new in Microsoft® Outlook™ 98?
Some of the new and improved features of Outlook 98 include:
  • Simplified user interface. The interface includes a new Find tool that makes it quick and easy to find e-mail messages, contact information or even appointments in Outlook.
  • A new Organize tool assists you in the creation and management of e-mail folders by easily setting up filters and rules. The Organize tool also introduces new conditional formatting that allows you to color code your e-mail messages based on specific criteria.
  • Support for background synchronization and filtered replication. Users working with Outlook in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server will be able to synchronize their off-line data store and replicate only the specific data records that they require based on user-defined filter criteria.
  • HTML e-mail support. This feature includes support for stationery that allows you to add a personalized background to your e-mail.
Q: Who is the target customer for Outlook 98?
Outlook was designed for any individual or team who needs e-mail and information management. Outlook 98 is ideal for Internet mail or Exchange Server users. This first beta however is targeted toward ADVANCED computer users. We recommend that you do not use or install Outlook 98 on the computer that you use for your everyday e-mail operations.
Q: I am an average end user. I don't consider myself an expert, but I would like to try Outlook 98 before buying the product. Will there be a way to try it?
Certainly. We will be refreshing the beta version by the end of this calendar year. The second beta will be more stable, and therefore more appropriate for users of all levels. We encourage you to wait until the second beta version is available.
Q: When will Outlook 98 be available in retail stores?
It will be available during the first half of calendar year 1998.
Q: How much will it cost?
We have not announced pricing at this time.
Q: Will current Outlook 97, Office 97, or Exchange Server users be entitled to a special upgrade price?
Current Outlook 97, Office 97, and Exchange Server users will be entitled to a no-charge upgrade to Outlook 98. Customers will need to pay for shipping and handling only. We will provide information on how to fulfill this offer in the coming months.
Q: Will I be able to synchronize my U.S. Robotics PalmPilot(TM), Windows (R) CE or IBM WorkPad (tm) during the Outlook 98 beta program?
Yes. DataViz, (supplier of of import/export converters that ship in Outlook 97 and 98), has a beta version of its Desktop To Go(tm) synchronization software available for Outlook 98. Desktop To Go provides support for PalmPilot and IBM WorkPad. For a free download and details visit: http://www.dataviz.com/dtgoutlook98b.
Please be aware that all support for the Desktop To Go beta is provided by DataViz (not Microsoft.) In addition, there are other third party vendors that provide tools for synchronizing between Microsoft Outlook and a variety of handheld devices, including Chapura (http://www.chapura.com) and Puma Technology (http://www.pumatech.com). Also, Microsoft provides synchronization tools for using Outlook with WinCE handheld PCs. For more information on Outlook third-party solutions, visit http://www.microsoft.com/Outlook/documents/thirdparty_addons.htm.
Q: What Internet standards will Outlook 98 support?
Outlook 98 will support all the major Internet standards, including SMTP/POP3, IMAP4, LDAP, NNTP, HTML, S/MIME, vCard, vCalendar, and iCalendar. Outlook will also continue to fully support MAPI.
Q: How does HTML mail work if the recipient doesn't have Outlook 98 or another Internet mail client that supports HTML mail?
The HTML mail message is converted into plain text. Because of the downgrade from HTML to plain text, some graphics, backgrounds and hyperlinks will be lost. In this first beta, HTML mail is on by default for Internet Mail users. To turn off HTML mail, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then select the Mail Format tab. Under Send in this mail format, choose Plain Text.
Q: What version of Internet Explorer can I use?
To use Outlook 98, you will need to upgrade to Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. The Outlook 98 installation will automatically upgrade an older version of Internet Explorer to version 4.0.
Q: Do I have to use Internet Explorer 4.0, even if I prefer another browser?
Outlook 98 requires some components of Internet Explorer 4.0. For example, Outlook 98 shares the editing and rendering engine for HTML mail with Internet Explorer 4.0. However, Outlook 98 does not require that you use Internet Explorer as the default web browser. You can continue to use whichever default browser you prefer with Outlook 98.