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Outlook Free Stuff


Rules Wizard Beta
Install this powerful wizard to create and edit natural-language rules to manage incoming and outgoing messages. For known issues and other information about this beta, please read the Release Notes.

Sample Groupware Applications
Developing some applications for Outlook? Download any or all of these 14 free sample applications. For additional assistance with developing forms in Outlook 97, download the Outlook Forms add-in Help file.

Additional Microsoft Outlook Converters
Use this package to install Outlook converters for Starfish Sidekick 1.0/95, Symantec ACT! 2.0 for Windows, NetManage Ecco Pro 3.0, 3.01, or 3.02, and more.

Inbox Shortcut Update
Replace the Microsoft Exchange Inbox icon on the Windows 95 desktop with a Microsoft Outlook icon.

Microsoft Schedule+ Print Files
Install these support files to print a Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0 calendar from Microsoft Outlook.

SwitchForms Utility
Install the SwitchForms utility if you need to switch between Microsoft Exchange Client and Microsoft Outlook on the same system.

Timex Data Link Watch Wizard
Use this wizard to export your appointments, tasks, phone numbers, and other information from Microsoft Outlook to your Timex Data Link Watch.

Outlook Support for Lotus cc:Mail
Coming Soon!