Category: Literature

Outlook 2000 VBA Programmer's Reference

Dwayne Gifford, Wrox Press

Outlook 2000 now hosts VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and hence there is a strong emphasis on between-application automation, Using VBA, the user can program his or her own programs in what is essentially a subset of the Visual Basic programming languages. This is neat because it allows you to automate a lot of mailing and calendaring tasks that would otherwise take up a lot of time one press of a button could take names from an Access database, write a letter in Word addressed to each individual, and then email all the letters at once. This book presents a full reference to the Outlook object model which is essentially the object-oriented system of organizing the functional capacities that make up the Outlook program. There will be a short introduction to VBA itself, and the rest of the book will document aspects of programming Outlook through that object model. This book will be in three broad sections: the first part introduces Outlook and VBA; the second offers interesting, thematic discussions of the workings of the Outlook 2000. The third and final part offers a full reference to the Outlook object model.

Wrox Press