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Google Earth Sharepoint Web Part

Google Earth Web Part
The Google Earth Web Part allows to display the geographical location of a given address. The address can either be static or contained in a connected Sharepoint List. The map is created using Google's public Map API.

The Google Earth Web Part can be used with Windows Sharepoint Services V3, MOSS 2007, Sharepoint 2010 and Sharepoint 2013.

The following parameters can be configured:
  • Connection to a Sharepoint List containing the address or longitude/latitude coordinates
  • or static mode, where a fixed address is displayed
  • Map Size
  • Map Altitude (Zoom Level)
  • Map Details (Buildings,  Placemark pin, Map status bar, Map navigation controls)
  • Fly to destination vs. static display of target location
  • Location Title and Description (if connected to Sharepoint List)

Google Earth Web Part

Connected Web Part:
Connected Google Earth Web Part

Product Price
Google Earth Web Part
30 day Evaluation Version
Free download..
Google Earth Web Part License Key
per Server License
Includes 1 year technical support
USD 75.00
Google Earth Web Part Installation Instructions download..
Deployment Instructions for SP 2010/2013 download..
You can also send us a PO via e-mail to  or by fax to ++41 62 823 75 74

Installation Instructions:

  1. download the Google Earth Web Part Installation Instructions (PDF file, see above) 
  2. either install the web part manually or deploy the feature to your server/farm as described in the instructions.
  3. If you want to connect the Google Earth Web Part to a Sharepoint List, either adapt an existing Sharepoint List or create a new List to store the data to be mapped. Also optionally define a suitable List View for the List if you want to sort or filter the data in a specific way.

    The list should include 
    • either one or more columns to hold the street address to be mapped.
    • or the two columns explicitely named "Latitude" and "Longitude" holding the latitude/longitude coordinates

    Create a Web Part Connection between the Sharepoint List and the Google Earth web part as follows:

    • switch the page to "Edit" mode
    • Choose "Connections" from the List Web Part "edit" menu
    • Choose "Provide Row To"
    • Select the Google Earth Web Part in the menu

  4. Configure the following Web Part properties in the Web Part Editor "Miscellaneous" pane section as needed:

    • Address:
      If you want to use the web part stand-alone (eg. without a connection to a Sharepoint List), enter the street address of location to be displayed. The address should be sufficiently detailed to allow a correct lookup via the Google Geocoding service.

      If the web part is connected to a Sharepoint List, please enter the list column names to be used for the dynamic lookup. Separate each column by a comma.

      You can alternatively enter the URL of a KML file (containing one or more placemarks).
      The URL can be entered as an
      absolute URL  (http://yourserver/somesite/yourfile.kml") or as a
      relative URL ("/site/Library/yourfile.kml") if you want to refer to a KML file stored in a local Sharepoint Document Library.

      You can also interactively select a KML file contained in a Sharepoint Document Library by using a web part connection to select the KML file:

    • Longitude/Latitude:  If you use the web part stand-alone, you can alternatively specify the latitude and longitude values instead of the Street Address. In this case, no Google API Key needs to be given (see below). Enter the values with up to six decimal places. The value for a desired location can be looked up via 
      You can also interactively look up Latitude/Longitude vales on the  Google Maps Lat/Lon Lookup page.

    • Map width/Map height: Enter the desired map dimensions in pixels.
    • Altitude:  enter the desired map altitude above ground in meters
    • Fly to Destination: either fly to the destination or immediately display the final destination
    • Show KML Tour: enable this option if you specified a KML or KMZ file containing a "Tour"
    • Placemark Pin: enable or disable the Placemark pin at the target location
    • Map Navigation Controls: turn the map navigation controls on or off
    • Map Status Bar: display or hide the map status bar
    • Show Buildings: enable or disable the 3D-display of buildings
    • Show Roads: enable or disable the display of roads
    • Hide Web Part when using SSL: hides the Google Map Web Part if the user visits the page using https (SSL).
      This option is useful to suppress the unwanted "unsafe content" browser message.
    • License Key: enter your Product License Key (as supplied after purchase of the Google Earth Web Part license key).
      Leave this field empty if you are using the free 30 day evaluation version.

Please enter a comment below if you have problems with the installation, want to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements:

User Comments Post a Comment 

Jesper Arent  
6/15/2010 21:20 
Can you make the web part dynamic updated based on filters in the SharePoint list? For instance, if the list has 100 items with longitude/latitude metadata, and I filter the list, will the web part show the filtered list items?
6/17/2010 10:48 
Jesper, the Google Earth Web Part just displays one location at a time. You might have a look at our Google GeoMapper web part which should suit your needs.
8/4/2010 23:52 
Is there a way to make the API key always there? so I dont have to input it each time i add the webpart to a page?
8/5/2010 13:23 
you can now specify the Google API key on an application-wide basis by adding the following new line to the AppSettings section of your web.config file:

  <add key="AE_GoogleAPIKey" value="yourAPIkey" />

Please re-download the updated Zip file, extract and then replace the DLL (followed by an "iisreset" command if you placecd the DLL in c:\windows\assembly).
1/13/2011 06:17 
I downloaded your trial version and test first on my test environment if this meets my page requirement but inside the trial version package is AE Google Chart and not Google Earth. Is there some way you can provide me with the right dll? Thanks!
1/13/2011 10:43 
Gary, we checked the Zip file and it looks OK (eg. it contains all the files needed to install the Google Earth web part). Could it be that you somehow mixed up the two packages ?
5/13/2011 20:01 
Hi, I've checked out this WebPart and I can't find a way to make the Google API key to work out. When I try the same API key in the Google Geo Mapper Web Part it works fine. Thanks in advance for this great webpart.
5/13/2011 20:34 
I've found the solution for my issue. When I registered the API key, I had to put the port of the webapp. Thanks anyways!.
8/3/2011 23:49 
I would like to use this web part to display locations using a kml file containing confidential\sensitive information. Is there any risk of kml file data being available to the public or google?
8/4/2011 12:40 
we don't think that your KML data are actually transferred to Google (albeit it would technically be possible).
You might also check out the Google terms and conditions at
9/22/2011 11:29 
I followed the steps you recommended, but all I can see is a black screen. When I do not give the Google API it shows nice little message "Please configure Google API", so I believe the WebPart is installed properly. Can you please help me with this. I tried both Stand Alone and Connection to display the Map, but to no avail.
9/29/2011 14:51 
can you visit the following page with your browser to check if the Google Earth plug-in works in your browser:  
Carlos MR  
12/1/2011 20:41 
Hello everybody and congratulations for this wonderful webpart. I simulate coverage areas with a radioelectric simulation program, called Sirenet, which exports data (transmitter positions and area level coverages) to Google Earth in KMZ files. And it works fine in desktop version of Earth. I want to show that coverage areas in our Sharepoint using your web part. I downloaded your demo file for Google Earth Webpart and installed in my Sharepoint demo environment. I created a Library for KML files (I uncompressed Sirenet’s KMZ file) and I tried to test. Unfortunately, information in KML files (transmitter position, icon, and colored coverage areas) didn’t load into my Google Earth Webpart. Maybe I didn’t configure it in a proper way or there’s a problem with my KML (uncompressed KMZ file). So I also tried to configure the scenario in which user can select a KML file and the web part shows the information (as we can see in the description above), but I don't know how configure it. Could you please offer me a bit of help with the KML files? Thank you very much you your support.
12/19/2011 16:46 
All my kml locations are showing, but the map does not show in 3D. How can I view the map in 3D. The Show Buildings option is checked and the plugin is installed.
1/31/2012 04:02 
I have attached this webpart with SP list. I have latitude and longitude columns in list. I have renamed default 'Title' column to 'Street Address'. I want your webpart to get values from latitude and longitude but for some reason it is keep getting value from 'street address'. what am i doing wrong here?
1/31/2012 13:29 
please make sure that the web part's "Address" field is empty when you want it to pick up the "Latitude" and "Longitude" fields in the connected Sharepoint List.
2/1/2012 00:01 
If you are talking about [web part properties]>>[Miscellaneous]>>[Address] then it is empty but it is still getting addressing from 'Title' field which i have renamed to 'Street Address'. please advice
2/1/2012 00:32 
Never Mind... its fixed now. I put some garbage value in 'Address' and then removed it :)
3/29/2012 13:28 
I can not find Fly to destination option. I use connected list.
3/29/2012 13:42 
you can find the "Fly To Destionation" option in the "Miscellaneous" section of the "Google Earth" web part's tool pane
6/28/2012 01:54 

great webpart! how do you get full tours to work? when i load one, the sharepoint widget just goes to the first entry on the tour, and then stops. in full google earth, it goes thru the whole tour. see below for an example:

6/28/2012 18:52 
we have now added the new “Show KML Tour” web part setting which allows to put the web part into “Tour” mode. You can now also specify both KML and KMZ files.
If you create a Sharepoint List containing URL’s to KML files (as opposed to uploading KML documents into a Sharepoint Document Library) and then connect the two web parts, then please name the List column containing the URL’s “URL” and put the value “URL” into the web part’s “Address” setting.

Please re-download the updated Zip file, extract and then replace the DLL, followed by an “iisreset” command.
5/11/2016 16:24 
For this web part to work do I need Google Earth and or the Google Earth Plug-In on my pc or on the SharePoint Server?
5/11/2016 20:22 
you will need the Google Earth browser plug-in (eg. on the desktop coputer, but not on the Sharepoint Server).
5/11/2016 20:30 
Thanks for the info. Will I need Google Earth installed?
5/11/2016 20:33 
no, you just need the Google Earth browser plug-in.
5/11/2016 20:38 
I'll give it a try. Thanks
5/11/2016 20:42 
I must be doing something wrong because all I get is the earth with a message saying "The Google Earth Plugin is now installed! Restart the browser to see it in action". I've restarted with the same results.
5/11/2016 20:53 
the Google Earth Plug-in is working in Internet Explorer 11 only in IE9 compatibility mode so you would be forced to using the below meta tag in your Sharepoint master page:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE9">
5/11/2016 21:29 
I used F12 Developer Tools to Emulate IE9 and get Access is denied on this line.

function(){var a=this;"";;;;};{var a=this;"hidden";"px";"px";"";""};{var a=this,b=a.q.scrollWidth,f=a.q.scrollHeight,c=a.a.getTermsOfUseX_(),d=a.a.getTermsOfUseY_()+a.a.getTermsOfUseYOffset_();
5/11/2016 21:36 
It is now working to an extent. I'll play around with it for a while and let you know. Thanks
5/11/2016 22:51 
I tried placing the meta tag in the default.aspx under <asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHead" runat="server"> and nothing changed. Any ideas?
Earlier I was playing around with the developer tools and it worked once.
5/11/2016 23:11 
I may have something. I was using a custom master page. I edited it and change the emulate tag to IE9. I'll keep you posted.
5/12/2016 13:52 
regarding your post referring to the F12 developer tool:
The JavaScript actually is supplied (and hosted) by Google and cannot be changed, so there is nothing we can do to prevent the "Access Denied" error.
5/12/2016 16:44 
This web part rocks! I got everything set up so the user can select a file (kmz & kml) from a list and have that map displayed.

Now is it possible to have a text box where the user can enter an address and then map it?
5/12/2016 17:03 
is it correct that you would like to set this up as a different scenario (eg. as opposed to the scenario where the user selects a KML file) ?
5/12/2016 17:07 
Yes, I would like to use it both ways. It would probably have to be two instances of the web part. I'm testing something right now but if you have any ideas let me know.
5/12/2016 18:19 
Think I got it. I used an HTML Form Web Part and connected it to your web part. Thanks
8/4/2016 23:18 
Hey Juerg,
We the SharePoint Bundle, but I don't see this as a solution available for us to deploy - is it part of that option or only stand alone?
Thanks! Rich
8/5/2016 10:45 
yes, it is part of the bundle.
You can find the download link at the top of this page.
3/7/2017 17:20 
I installed in SP2016 and added the web part to a publishing page. I entered the lat/log (but not the api key) and no show. I used the address, but still blank. I went to your "Lookup" link above to verify the lat/lon, but even that doesn't appear in my browser (IE or Chrome). I'm able to go to google maps and satellite view just fine. The link from the 9/22/2011 comment is 404.

Perhaps did Google change their links that renders this web part inactive?
3/7/2017 18:28 
it indeed looks like Google just has stopped supporting the Google Earth JavaScript API at the beginning of this month.
We checked and there seem to be no workarounds so you would need to use the Google Maps web part instead (/apps/page.asp?Q=5754 ).
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