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eManage Backup eManage Inc.
eManage is a highly scalable email lifecycle management solution for Microsoft Exchange that allows organizations to manage email as corporate assets throughout their complete lifecycle.
eManage enables organizations to capture email into an Exchange-based corporate repository. It analyzes the email content to ensure compliance with corporate email policy and then processes them. The product is certified to the DoD 5015.2 Electronic Records Management standard and delivers advanced record retention and disposition functionality. Throughout their retention, email records are accessible by authorized users for retrieval in a collaborative manner. In addition, eManage provides comprehensive email archiving capabilities. It migrates email and attachments to archive media, while still maintaining complete lifecycle management, search capabilities, and secure access to them.

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MESSAGEmanager Communications Server Pager Gateways System Solutions Pty Ltd
MESSAGEmanager Communication Server provides the ability to send Pager and SMS messages from your email. Email receipt notifications can be sent to Pager and SMS.

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MESSAGEmanagerTelex Gateway Fax Connectors System Solutions Pty Ltd
System Solutions Telex Gateway allows users of Exchange, MS Mail, Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, GroupWise, HP OpenMail, Internet Mail and SAP to send and receive telexes. Sending a message to a telex address is exactly like sending mail so your users don't have to learn a new application. Create the message, select the telex address and send. Incoming telexes are received in your mailbox as mail. Just click on the mail item to display, print or mail the message to another user. Telex Addresses can be maintained in the Global or Personal Address Books or Contact Database. You can send to one address, multiple addresses or a distribution list. Messages can be scheduled as High (urgent), Normal or Low (deferred to an off-peak time). And you can charge the cost of the fax to a job or department.

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MESSAGEmanager Fax Connectors System Solutions Pty Ltd
MESSAGEmanager eNTerprise FAX Server is the only FAX Server native to Windows NT. Seamlessly integrated with Exchange, MESSAGEmanager FAX Connector allows Exchange users to send and receive facsimiles direct from the Exchange or Outlook client.