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Infowave Office Enabler Pager Gateways Infowave Wireless Messaging, Inc.
Infowave Office Enabler solves a growing communications problem in business today. To increase sales, reduce operation costs and improve customer satisfaction, companies are moving their business processes closer to the customer.  Employees are spending more time out of the office. At the same time, business has become more reliant on tools like Microsoft® Exchange® to communicate and collaborate with customers and co-workers. Infowave Office Enabler combines the power of Microsoft Exchange with the mobility of Wireless Data Communications to put "in-office" capabilities into the hands of personnel that are out of the office. Infowave Office Enabler is a complete client/server solution that wirelessly enables Microsoft Exchange.  Add Infowave Office Enabler to the Microsoft Outlook/Exchange software on your laptop or hand held computer (HPC) and you can stay connected to your Exchange server from almost anywhere in the field.