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InLook98 Calendaring DilloSoft Inc.
InLook98 for Microsoft Outlook is a simple applet that allows you to easily check your Outlook calendar availability for a meeting or a trip.  Unlike Outlook's built-in "Meeting Planner", InLook98 does not require the Exchange server.  It also allows you to send your availability to any email client (Outlook, ccMail, Eudora, UNIX email, ...etc.) Microsoft Outlook requires you to manually flip through the calendar, day by day, and list your available times.  Whereas, InLook98 allows you to list your availability for a range of days easily, with 2-3 clicks of the mouse..

Product Category Company
InLook Monitoring Quest Software Inc.
Designed for today's multi-layered networks, InLook gives administrators critical information such as Configuration Management, Incident Management, Root Cause Analysis, and Infrastructure Reporting. InLook utilizes the MessageWise "touchless" model for Exchange server network infrastructure analysis. InLook affords the control needed by administrators over all Exchange sites and domains, without impacting the performance of your server. InLook reports on:
  • How many servers are deployed with Exchange 5.0 Service Pack 1?
  • Which servers still need our standard OS hotfixes applied?
  • How many times has server x failed?
  • What was the configuration of server x at the time of failure?
  • Who serviced the failure and what were the findings?
  • How well did I service my customers this month?
  • What was the total outage time in a given location?
  • How many mailboxes are on each server?