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GFI MailSecurity Virus Protection GFI Software LTD
The need to monitor email messages for dangerous, offensive or confidential content has never been more evident. The most deadly viruses, able to cripple your email system and corporate network in minutes, are being distributed worldwide via email in a matter of hours (for example, the Love Letter virus). Products that only perform anti-virus scanning do not provide sufficient protection. Worse still, email is likely to become the means for installing backdoors (Trojans) and other harmful programs to help potential intruders break into your network. Products restricted to a single anti-virus engine will not protect against email exploits and attacks of this kind.
Your only defense is to install a comprehensive email content checking and anti-virus solution to safeguard your mail server & network. GFI MailSecurity acts as an Email Firewall and protects you from email viruses, exploits and threats, as well as email attacks targeted at your organization.
GFI MailSecurity is available for VS API or as an SMTP gateway version. The VS API version integrates seamlessly with Exchange Server 2000 and scans the Exchange 2000 information stores. The gateway version should be deployed at the perimeter of the network as a mail relay server and scans inbound and outbound mail.