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Folder Monitor for Microsoft Exchange Software Utilities Simple Computing LLC
This utility monitors public and private folders for items being added and/or changed. When items are detected to have been added or modified, this utility alerts the user and allows the user to view the items. The utility resides in the icon tray and runs outside of the Exchange and Outlook clients, therefore a user is notified even when they aren't using their client. The user is able to designate which folders they wish to monitor and at what interval to check for changes. Public folders are great for sharing information, however, too many times users do not often check for changes and so when someone posts something they often e-mail everyone with an announcement or risk having the new item go unnoticed. With Folder Monitor For Exchange that is no longer a problem. People who want to monitor a folder are able to do so and other people are not bothered with "new item announcements". Folder Monitor For Exchange is an absolute necessity for companies that want their employees to be informed employees.