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ISDN FaxServer C3 Fax Connectors COM:ON Communications Systems
ISDN FaxServer C3 runs on both NT-Server or Workstation (Intel only, 3.51 and 4.0) and on OS/2. It should run on a dedicated server. Since C3 takes full advantage of ISDN (Fax, Euro-Filetransfer etc.), active ISDN boards are required (eg. ITK, BinTec, Die hl). Client platforms are Windows 3.1x, Win95, NT (3.51 and 4.0), OS/2 and Macintosh. C3 is also available with a front end for MS-Exchange, MS-Mail, Lotus Notes, Lotus cc:mail, Memo and SAP. It interfaces seamlessly to many other systems. In addition to sending and receiving fax and other messages directly on the desktop (DID), special features include: short message service, archive system, high speed fax viewer, fax editor for fast response, integrated FOD, individual cover sheets, password protection, mail merge support, automated accounting, Internet access, compound documents, etc.

Product Category Company
FAXserve for Windows NT Fax Connectors Computer Associates
As a MAPI-compliant application, FAXserve for Windows NT integrates with e-mail clients such as Exchange, Outlook, GroupWise, and cc:Mail. Faxes may be sent and received as easily as e-mail messages, complete with multiple file and page attachments. E-mail users can utilize their existing e-mail interface and their existing address books with extended fax functionality, avoiding the need to learn a new interface or maintain a separate address book. Inbound and outbound faxes can be stored, accessed, and managed along with e-mail messages in users' mailboxes.