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EXTRA!® Connector for PROFS®/OV Connectivity Attachmate
EXTRA! Connector for MS® Exchange to PROFS, a Windows NT®-based gateway from Attachmate®, facilitates enterprise-wide messaging and scheduling by allowing Microsoft® Exchange and Schedule+ users to share information and schedule meetings in real-time with PROFS and OfficeVision/VM™. EXTRA! Connector for MS Exchange to PROFS is designed to take full advantage of the 32-bit scalable platform and uses advanced technology developed by Attachmate. EXTRA! Connector is the ideal solution for PROFS or OfficeVision/VM customers and Exchange and Schedule+ users. EXTRA! Connector complements both messaging systems by making the differences between the two platforms transparent and providing users with seamless, bi-directional mail and scheduling access. Users on the LAN can use the Microsoft Mail interface to send messages, files and documents which are received as PROFS notes and documents by host users. Host users can then reply or send other objects to Exchange users using the familiar interface of their host-based system. Bi-directional, real-time views of calendar and appointment details are also supported so that calendar information is always up-to-date and accurate.