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EM4 Security Boldon James
In recent years, the use of electronic methods of transferring messages and documents has grown phenomenally. In military and defence-related organisations in particular, this has led to increased requirements for specialist messaging systems that conform to relevant stringent standards for labelling and security. At the same time, the general growth of computing has increased the use of products that are fast becoming de facto standards in the office arena. Products such as Microsoft Office, Exchange, and Outlook are being widely installed. To date, these two trends have often resulted in conflict where the requirements for the specialist military or secure messaging areas have dictated the use of the specialist products at the expense of the ease of use features associated with the latest Microsoft products. Now there is a new option: Boldon James has applied its knowledge and expertise - gained over many years of successful installations of Enterprise Mail for secure and military messaging - to the development of EM4. EM4 is different. It is integrated into an environment that includes the standard Microsoft desktop. It brings secure and Military Messaging to users of Microsoft Outlook.