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Dynameasure Software Utilities Bluecurve Inc.
Dynameasure® is the only software available today that gives you the ability to look ahead so you can anticipate and manage change. Dynameasure puts your infrastructure to work so you can assess performance and reliability under real-world conditions. The ability to actively measure and quantify the impact of change—those in your plan or beyond your control—adds a predictive element to your distributed systems management strategy.
Dynameasure 3.0 lets you measure client to server throughput and average response time using any combination of Web, Exchange, SQL and File services on one or more servers—even clusters—from a central, easy-to-use console.

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Eastman Software DMX Document Management Eastman Software
EASTMAN SOFTWARE Document Manager for Microsoft® Exchange (DMX) provides powerful document management services to Microsoft Exchange users. By leveraging Exchange's rich messaging infrastructure, DMX gives users across the enterprise a unified, secure, intuitive method for working with critical documents throughout their entire life cycle. From the point where documents are created, changed, used, and stored, companies can transform them into intellectual assets.

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Eastman Software Workflow for NT Workflow Eastman Software
The Eastman Software Workflow for NT product provides the most robust and scalable platform on the NT environment today for high-volume, transaction intensive workflow. The Eastman Software Workflow Exchange Connector enables Exchange users to send or receive workflow cases or folders to/from the Workflow for NT environment, thus insuring that infrequent workflow users may use Exchange to participate in high volume, production workflow.

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Exchange Archive Solution© (EAS©) Backup Educom Training Systems
Exchange Archive Solution© (EAS©) will assist organizations to manage a major corporate asset, balance and contain the growth of e-mail on their production mail servers. With EAS© the organization is able to implement retention and disposition policies for mail messages and associated attachments. EAS'© HMS capability transparently migrates messages from on-line to near-line and then to off-line storage. The end user is then able to find, view, and recover archived messages through the Microsoft ExchangeTM interface.
For geographically dispersed organizations with multiple mail stores, utilizing EAS© provides a significant reduction on storage demands. As the various mail stores are archived, EAS© eliminates redundancy and compresses the files on the central repository. Since EAS© utilizes TCP/IP, the central repository is able to support the archives from all corporate Microsoft Exchange™ mail stores, independent of their geographic location. A security agent operating on the desktop ensures that the end user is the only one that can view his/her mail messages. In addition, the security agent enables the files to be downloaded to the desktop in a compressed format. The security agent then decompresses the messages at the desktop. This reduces demands on bandwidth and improves performance.

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EasyMerge Outlook Intersoft Technologies Ltd.
EasyMerge is essential for anyone who keeps Contacts in Outlook, and uses Word to create letters. EasyMerge allows you to use the format of your existing templates. It merges single or multiple contacts, and it inserts a Journal entry back into each Outlook record showing the document location, name and date.