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CommVault Backup CommVault Systems
Backup your entire MS Exchange server on line, then use powerful incremental or differential on line backups to meet shrinking windows. Full backups include the both the Private and Public Information Stores, Directory, and all Transaction Logs. Subsequent incremental or differential backups fully protect your MS Exchange server, in a fraction of the time. Like our other Application Integrated storage solutions, it protects the associated user profiles, security, and metadata. The CommVault solution excels at restoring MS Exchange user information. Any individual's mailbox or any folder within a mailbox can be restored through the easy-to-use Windows GUI. All folder and message integrity is maintained because they are appended, not overwritten. Mailbox filters allow administrators to choose the level of protection for each MS Exchange user account and eliminate backups of unwanted data. Of course, if the Exchange server ever completely fails, the CommVault software can restore it quickly and easily. Parallel streams provide the maximum system performance. What's more, the CommVault for Exchange software can be administered from any properly configured networked NT machine.