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Athosfax Fax Connectors Datalink Srl
Athosfax is a powerful, multi-user, multi-line software package that allows all the users of a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN / WAN) to easily access the fax world directly from their workstations, sharing fax lines and using the advanced services provided by the Fax Server.
The system architecture is highly effective and flexible: Athosfax is independent from the network OS and topology, only the network protocol (IPX/SPX, Netbeui, TCP/IP) is used. Direct support to TCP/IP (under development) and the multi-server capability make Athosfax particularly suitable for Internet/Intranet configurations. The FaxServer is a true store & forward system, common resourses are concentrated in the FaxServer and are accessible from any local or remote station. Athosfax includes a MAPI Service Provider to seamless interface Exchange and other MAPI compatible e-mail systems.