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A++ ZIP Outlook Dmitry Streblechenko
Outlook 97/98/2000 and Exchange Client compression add-in. A++ ZIP transparently compresses and decompresses e-mail attachments reducing your network traffic. Do not clog up your network sending e-mail attachments that can easily be compressed. Sending 1 Mb of data over a modem line can cost you as much as $0.20. If you really think that time is money this add-in is for you. You do not need to perform any additional steps when you send your mail, you won't probably even notice anything (except that your messages are sent faster than usual). Just add attachments to your e-mail message as you usually do, A++ ZIP will take care of compressing attachments in the background. When you send the message, A++ ZIP replaces original attachments with a compressed ZIP file. When you receive a compressed file, A++ ZIP will automatically decompress it. A++ ZIP works with MS Exchange Client (a.k.a. Windows Messaging) and MS Outlook versions 97, 98 and 2000. It does not work with Outlook Express. A++ ZIP is fully compatible with PKZIP and WINZIP; your message recipients do not need to have A++ ZIP: they will receive a regular ZIP file; if you receive a ZIP file, it will be decompress no matter whether it was created with A++ ZIP or any other compression utility (such as WINZIP).