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iOra Mobile Intranet Sharepoint Portal Server iOra Inc.
iOra has launched iOra Mobile Intranet for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, which it said gives mobile and remote employees full, transparent 'offline' access to information held in their enterprise SharePoint Portal Server intranets. According to the company, the mobile solution complements company investment in Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server by ensuring that employees who are working from customer sites or other remote locations can access and benefit from the knowledge managed within the portal. iOra said its Mobile Intranet provides offline access to the portal without requiring a network connection back to the central server. The company said the product makes information stored in the server available offline on the end-user laptop, without the need for infrastructure software on the PC. "iOra is able to provide users with transparent, offline access to Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, providing the user with the same view whether online or offline," said Trina Seinfeld, product manager for SharePoint at Microsoft. "iOra extends the value of SharePoint Portal Server content to users when they are offline. iOra's new solution brings offline flexibility and improved workforce productivity to that market, benefiting our mutual customers."