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LogScan Software Utilities Xtreme Data Consulting AB
LogScan is a program that creates log information regarding traffic on the MS Exchange Server IMS Connector, i.e. Internet mail traffic, both incoming and outgoing. LogScan generates a log file with the following information: Date, Time, From, To, Subject, Size, Number_of_attachments and their names. Your can also scan for mail with certain key words. All information is stored as a CSV file. The program can be run as a script with the AT command. It works with all versions of MS Exchange server that use the IMC or IMS connector.
Price for this program is 125 USD.

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PABXtractor Microsoft Mail Xtreme Data Consulting AB
The program was developed to ease the migration from MS-Mail and the TFS-gateway to MS Exchange and Outlook.

The TFS-gateway to the Internet uses the MHS address type, i.e. external addresses are stored as MHS-types in the PAB-file. The MS-Mail client normally adds all receivers (internal MS-Mail addresses as well as external addresses) to the PAB-file. After a complete migration of a post office to MS Exchange all internal MS-Mail addresses will become obsolete. The MS-Mail client first searches the PAB-file for an address look-up. The Outlook client does the same as default

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OWA Addresslist Outlook Web Access Xtreme Data Consulting AB
OWA has no address book function. The search function in OWA only allows you to pick one recipient address at the time. In Exchange Service Pack 2 the address look-up from OWA was updated but if you donít know the exact name of the recipient it is still hard to find the correct address. Ease up the addressing in Outlook Web Access. Get the Global Address list and choose who to send to.