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S/MIME Everywhere Security Worldtalk Corp.
S/MIME Everywhere is a public initiative by Worldtalk and RSA to provide users with a free S/MIME plugin for Microsoft Inbox, Exchange and Outlook '97, and Eudora Lite/Pro 3.03 or greater. Whether you are an individual user or a major corporation looking to communicate with your business partners, Worldtalk's secure client plugin allows you to instantly encrypt and digitally sign your e-mail.

As organizations struggle to extend business communications to their extranet, security is often the greatest single concern. Sensitive information, in the form of contract drafts, legal briefs, and revenue projections, is being sent out of your organization via e-mail. The challenge is how to secure electronic mail when both parties are using different e-mail packages. Worldtalk and its partners developed the S/MIME Everywhere program so that companies would have a single reliable source for cross-platform, standards-based encryption technology. Everywhere/sme.shtm

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WorldSecure Security Worldtalk Corp.
WorldSecure Client is the desktop component of Worldtalk's "WorldSecure" family of products. WorldSecure offers customers a complete set of tools to create a secure e-mail network both within the corporate intranet, and between themselves, remote offices, trading partners, and clients/customers. Using the industry standard S/MIME (Secure MIME) protocol, WorldSecure Client removes both the confidentiality and integrity threats by ensuring that e-mail messages are read only by designated recipients, regardless of their e-mail platform. WorldSecure Client is available for Windows 95 and Windows NT and includes a special security plug-in for Microsoft Exchange. WorldSecure Client for Microsoft E-mail Clients seamlessly integrates with the Windows 95 Inbox (Windows Messaging Service), Microsoft Exchange client, and Microsoft Outlook. It extends the toolbars, property sheets, and menus of these clients, placing security functions at your fingertips. Just as important, it works with these clients using any available messaging service, including those provided by Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Mail 3.2/3.5, and POP3/IMAP4 servers (including Worldtalk's NetTalk)