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VOP Mail Anti-Spam Filter Monitoring Vircom Inc.
With VOP Mail Anti-Spam Filter, the power of Vircom's anti-spam technology is available to you regardless of your current mail server. VOP Mail Anti-Spam Filter is a high-performance, reliable mail gateway with state-of-the-art spam defense tools. VOP Mail Anti-Spam Filter's advanced spam fighting technology features content filtering based on content or headers, selective mail blocking, multiple real-time blacklist integration, anti-bulk, anti-relay, and dynamic blacklisting of suspected spammers. VOP Mail Anti-Spam Filter is compatible with any mail server, and can be deployed simply by setting it as a gateway between the Internet and the mail server. It is highly scalable and able to sustain loads of more than 250,000 users without loss of reliability or performance. Higher loads are also possible with high-scale hardware. VOP Mail Anti-Spam Filter is administered from its own integrated management console, providing flexibility, ease of administration and real-time adaptation to spam threats.