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StikrZ! Emotional Icons Software Utilities Trax Softworks
Do you ever get the feeling people aren't understanding you? And do you ever get frustrated with e-mail? Do you wish people understood what you felt, even when you couldn't put it into words - but you tried anyway? In answer to this common challenge, we've developed a revolutionary new product, one that will change the way you communicate with others. That product is StikrZ!, the program that adds instant clarification to e-mail and other Windows applications you use daily. StikrZ! is a simple utility that is composed of over a hundred separate emoticons, or graphical icons, suitable for including in your electronic communication. It includes images of faces showing emotion, business-oriented graphics, and fun stickers.

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TeamTalk 2.0 for Microsoft Exchange Groupware Trax Softworks
Adds Group Discussion to Microsoft Exchange. TeamTalk is the easiest way to tap into the powerful features of Microsoft Exchange. Adding a Group Discussion application to Microsoft Exchange can help to ensure that Microsoft Exchange becomes an instant success in any organization by making it easier to use, more fun, and a more productive activity right from the start.