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TeamWork Workflow TeamScope
TeamWork is a flexible workflow system designed and built exclusively for Microsoft Outook and Exchange. Use it out-of-the-box to solve many of your business needs or extend it to provide even more customized solutions.

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Outlook Extensions Library Electronic Forms TeamScope
The Outlook Extensions Library is an object-based toolkit for Outlook that lets you deliver real-world business solutions, without requiring full-time development!

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Outlook Contacts Scrubber Free tools TeamScope
The Outlook Contacts Scrubber provides a means of eliminating duplicate records from your Outlook Contacts by merging data on a field-level basis. The Contacts Scrubber is now at Version 1.2 -- featuring support for custom Contacts, custom fields, merging of Categories, and more

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OutlookCRM Outlook CRM Tools TeamScope
OutlookCRM leverages the power and familiarity of Microsoft Outlook to provide a comprehensive, efficient, instantly available contact management system.
Outlook-based company/customer relationship management tool adding a custom toolbar and digital dashboard to the Outlook interface. Based totally on Exchange public folders (or for single users, Personal Folders .pst files), so all data is available offline. Provides synchronization between public task and calendar folders and users' personal folders, mail merge, consistent categorization, and customized searches. Separate OutlookCRM Reporter tool transfers data to Access for report development.