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FormFlow 2.0 Electronic Forms Symantec
The features and functionality in FormFlow 2.0 provide users of Microsoft Exchange Server a significantly advanced e-forms solution, which extends Microsoft’s own forms environment. FormFlow is distinguished by its sophisticated database connectivity and functionality, full scalability from simple fill and print functions to enterprise-wide routing applications, and the ability to print e-forms that look exactly the same on paper as they do on screen.

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Norton AntiVirus for Internet Email Gateways Virus Protection Symantec
Norton AntiVirus for Internet Email Gateways works at your SMTP gateway, automatically intercepting and destroying viruses hidden in email attachments. Separate scanning policies can even be set for incoming and outgoing files for a virtually unlimited number of file types. It scans compressed and encoded files and can be administered from any location via a convenient HTML interface, with minimal impact on network performance. Free virus definition updates are available on-line at the click of a mouse with Live Update. Norton AntiVirus for Internet Email Gateways is part of Symantec's commitment to protecting your entire computing environment and is backed by the industry's largest dedicated team of virus experts at the Symantec Antivirus Research Center (SARC).