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Snoop is much more than a mail message parsing utility. Snoop can take action based on the mail messages it receives. While you can certainly use Snoop to extract and format information from form-based messages, you can also use Snoop to launch other applications based on the content of incoming messages, or to create email messages based on the content of incoming messages. The real power of Snoop comes from its expression evaluator. You can have the program watch for incoming messages and act only on those which exactly meet the criteria you specify! This makes it easy for you to do things like sending specific mail messages based on incoming mail. You can use Snoop to run an automated email-based help system.
Snoop can be used with any MAPI-based clients. MS Outlook and Exchange are the two most widely known MAPI clients and Exchange comes with Win95. It should only be used on clients that have a continuous connection to their server.