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MAPInotify: Shadow of Power! Monitoring Silmaril Software
"MAPInotify is an advanced email checking utility that can monitor unlimited numbers of mailboxes or Microsoft Exchange public folders, and then notify you in a variety of ways. The product is great for home office workers or others who want to monitor more than one email account while they are connected to a lan or on-line, without the need to have multiple email clients running continuously. MAPInotify is compatible with Exchange, Outlook 97 or higher, Outlook Express, Microsoft Mail and other Microsoft Exchange Server supported email clients. Profile configuration in the product identifies the type of email account, server connection (local or remote or web), notification method(s), checking interval, and associated application. You can monitor profiles individually or all at the same time, preview the message headers and delete the messages. Geared for organizations using Exchange Server, the product is very useful for team workers such as Technical Support staff who may be monitoring a group mailbox, a public folder, and their own personal mailbox all at the same time." (by ZDNet downloads review.)