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SST Server Fax Connectors Scandinavian Softline
The SST Server is a software product which controls drivers and handles the message queue. Runs on NT Workstation and Server with clients on NT, Win95 and Win 3.x. The drivers support Fax, Telex services networks, GSM SMS and Pager text messages, and FTP transmission. The driver program controls the hardware devices (fax modem- Class 2.0 modems and Canon Laser Class faxes) via serial port. SST Server supports SST Gateway process for Mailbus 400 (Digital), MAPI (Microsoft) and integration to Linkworks (Digital). Inbound fax routing to a preselected directory, including image conversion to TIFF, BMP, PCX, PCL or Post Script format, with a report of the received message is delivered to fax manager account.