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Sax mPower Electronic Forms Sax Software
Visual Basic tool to create forms for Exchange.
  • What is Sax mPower for Exchange?
    Sax mPower for Exchange lets you rapidly develop e-forms applications for Microsoft Exchange. These e-forms apps are automatically distributed – even across different sites – and installed on the end-user’s machine when the user opens the message.
  • Which e-mail clients does Sax mPower support?
    Sax mPower supports Microsoft Outlook 97 and both the 16-bit and 32-bit versions of the Microsoft Exchange client. This means that your Sax mPower application can be used across a wide range of desktops within your organization, and you don’t need to worry about which operating system or mail client your end-users have.
  • Which versions of Visual Basic does Sax mPower work with?
    Sax mPower supports Visual Basic 4.0 (16-bit and 32-bit) and Visual Basic 5.0.
  • Can I use third-party controls with Sax mPower applications?
    Yes! Because Sax mPower is integrated with Visual Basic, you can use any of the hundreds of ActiveX controls that are currently available for VB. You can also use advanced database-development tools and tools that enhance the VB environment, such as Sheridan’s VBAssist.