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2MA Mail Management Agent Software Utilities Quest Software Inc.
MessageWise has developed a product designed to help you better manage your organization's Exchange Network. The MessageWise 2MA ("Mail Management Agent") is a monitoring, management and reporting tool for Microsoft Exchange networks. The 2MA was specifically designed to provide Exchange system administrators and messaging managers with significantly increased vision into and control over your Exchange installations.

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InLook Monitoring Quest Software Inc.
Designed for today's multi-layered networks, InLook gives administrators critical information such as Configuration Management, Incident Management, Root Cause Analysis, and Infrastructure Reporting. InLook utilizes the MessageWise "touchless" model for Exchange server network infrastructure analysis. InLook affords the control needed by administrators over all Exchange sites and domains, without impacting the performance of your server. InLook reports on:
  • How many servers are deployed with Exchange 5.0 Service Pack 1?
  • Which servers still need our standard OS hotfixes applied?
  • How many times has server x failed?
  • What was the configuration of server x at the time of failure?
  • Who serviced the failure and what were the findings?
  • How well did I service my customers this month?
  • What was the total outage time in a given location?
  • How many mailboxes are on each server?

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Spotlight on Exchange Monitoring Quest Software Inc.
Spotlight on Exchange graphically displays, in real time, the flow of data in your Exchange server so you can identify congested areas and take appropriate corrective action. Shows a visual representation of the messaging system processes and components, allowing you to observe actual Exchange activity in real time. Identifies bottlenecks using flows, graphs and visual icons. Displays the details of problem areas, including connections by key protocols, MTA and IMS queues, store and directory activity, memory consumption, disk I/O and user statistics. Alerts you with an audio or visual alarm if any Exchange server component is forming a bottleneck.

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MessageStats Monitoring Quest Software Inc.
MessageStats collects and transforms information on Exchange usage into Web-based statistical reports. MessageStats collects Microsoft Exchange's tracking logs from an organization's individual Exchange servers and processes their contents into a SQL database repository. The stored data captures the historical flow and volume of e-mail, including the number of messages sent, sizes of messages, routing, senders, receivers, delivery failures and more.