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Web Publisher Software Utilities Purist Software
Web Publisher is a fully functional web booking and billing system using Microsoft ExchangeŽ as the information repository. Web pages are stored in Exchange folders rather than as disk files. A key benefit of this architecture allows for the automatic distribution of web pages to multiple servers to distribute the web workload.

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Gossamer Client Framework for Microsoft ExchangeŽ Electronic Forms Purist Software
The Gossamer Client Framework for Microsoft ExchangeŽ is an add-on product for the Microsoft Visual C++ Developer Studio. The framework eases the generation of forms based applications and also provides for a small footprint executable to be downloaded to the client. Gossamer is implemented as an extension DLL for MFC. This allows for a single copy of the Gossamer support routines to be used by any number of client forms. The load time for a Form is usually very fast with most forms being less than 10k in size. The Gossamer Client Framework only supports the Win32 Intel platform (Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0)