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Sales & Project Tracking Outlook CRM Tools PortalSoft Technologies Inc.
Developed by PortalSoft Technologies, Inc., Sales & Project Tracking (SPT) manages and integrates enterprise sales and project teams within Microsoft Outlook by storing knowledge, communication, and documentation in Exchange Public Folders. SPT is a workflow product designed specifically for firms who have long sales and project lifecycles. SPT provides easily viewable, reportable, and searchable knowledge, documents, tasks, issues, email, status reports, and project status information.
The most rewarding feature of SPT is complete integration with Outlook. SPT is implemented as Outlook forms embedded entirely within the Outlook architecture. As the feature set of Outlook grows and becomes refined, SPT benefits without effort on the part of PortalSoft. To the customer this means low cost, effective, highly available applications through a single user interface without fear of product failure when Microsoft introduces newer more powerful versions of their products.