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Panda Antivirus for Exchange 2000 (VSAPI 2.0) Virus Protection Panda Software
Panda Antivirus for Microsoft Exchange 2000 is designed to protect all possible virus entry points into the corporate Exchange platform. PAV for Exchange 2000 protects inbound and outbound e-mail traffic via its real-time and on-demand scans of Private and Public Folders as well as the Message Transfer Agent (MTA) Connectors.
By using a combination of Panda's advanced memory optimization scanning technology, called VirtualFile, and a complete integration with Microsoft's new Virus Scanning API (VSAPI 2.0), Panda Antivirus for Exchange 2000 guarantees the best high-performance scanning of all e-mail messages, attachments, body content (HTML, RTF, RTFHTML, OLE objects, etc.) and nested messages and compressed files at all levels, even under extremely heavy server loads.

Some of its basic features include:

  • Protects all possible virus entry points in real-time, such as MAPI clients, OWA, POP3 clients, Internet Mail Connector, X400, etc.
  • Combined use of VSAPI 2.0 and VirtualFile technologies scans and disinfects messages in memory, obtaining maximum performance. Other products for Exchange still extract attachments to hard drive for scanning and disinfection, which penalizes performance severely.
  • Scans complete message content (attachments, RTF, HTML, RTFHTML content) both in Private and Public Folders, detecting and disinfecting viruses in message bodies, nested messages, compressed files, and OLE objects.
  • Disinfects automatically within ZIP and gZIP compressed formats.
  • New AutoTuning technology automatically adjusts on demand scans to the server system processes.
  • Includes Panda's new Heuristic for MS-DOS, Macro and Win32 unknown viruses.
  • Centralized and remote deployment, configuration, monitoring, updating, and management, simultaneously in multiple servers, in LAN and WAN environments.
  • Daily automatic pull/push updates of the Virus Signature File.
  • Customized virus alert messages to sender, recipient, in-message, and administrators via Microsoft Networking Broadcast, SMTP, Exchange MAPI and Lotus Notes.
  • Detailed enterprise-wide consolidated logs.
Requirements: Microsoft Exchange 2000 Service Pack 1

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Panda Antivirus for MS Exchange / Outlook Virus Protection Panda Software
Panda Antivirus for MS Exchange/Outlook protects you from e-mail virus infections on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT Workstations. Complete Protection: Panda Antivirus for MS-Exchange/Outlook is the only e-mail antivirus protection available which:
  • Detects and disinfects hidden viruses in all folders; Public, Private and Personal.
  • Detects and disinfects viruses in messages, attachments, nested messages (independent of the number of levels) and OLE objects.
  • Intercepts read and write operations in new and existing messages.
  • Total Compatibility: Works with your current desktop antivirus protection.
  • Detailed Reports: Panda Antivirus for Exchange/Outlook has the ability to insert warnings in messages with viruses; it even automatically notifies a user or group of people when a virus is found anywhere on the network.
  • Automatically installs for all profiles: Even if different people use the same computer, each with their own profile, Panda Antivirus for MS Exchange/Outlook works transparently, protecting them all.

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Panda Global Virus Insurance Virus Protection Panda Software
For Microsoft Exchange, Global Virus Insurance 24h-365d will:
- Disinfect all folders, be they public, personal or private.
- Detect and disinfect nested message attachments (with unlimited nesting levels, depending on computer resources).
- Scan compressed files before they are opened.
- Scan at the X.400 connector level.

With free, live, 24h/365d support, including our S.O.S. Virus service should you discover a new virus, you get centralized administration, deployment and monitoring across the LAN/WAN