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Direct-TO-1 Connectivity OpenOne Corporation
Direct-TO-1 is a family of migration products that help end users and system administrators easily migrate from one e-mail system to another. More than a simple transfer or text conversion utility, Direct-TO-1 transparently transfers messages and converts documents while maintaining mail and document attributes. Direct-TO-1 is available to help users of supported MAPI standard e-mail applications including cc:Mail, GroupWise, Exchange, Lotus Notes, and OpenMail; users of Digital ALL-IN-1, MailWorks, TeamLinks, or OpenVMS Mail; users of supported VIM standard e-mail applications such as cc:Mail Version 6; and GroupWise Version 4.1, migrate to Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, HP OpenMail, or MailOne. After migration, old mail messages and documents are fully useable within the userís new Exchange, Notes, OpenMail, or MailOne environment. And because Direct-TO-1 allows users to migrate messages and documents at their own pace, it is equally valuable as a coexistence utility for organizations that wish to maintain their legacy message stores and file cabinets rather than move large volumes of legacy data to their new messaging environment.