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PageGate Pager Gateways NotePage, Inc.
PageGate is a network paging application that allows for email to be sent to text ( alphanumeric ) pagers. PageGate allows for notification of newly received email to be sent to numeric pagers. The Web interface allows messages entered on "personal" web pages to be forwarded to your alphanumeric pager. PageGate can automatically genterate "personal" pages or custom pages can be used. uses a Commandline/ Ascii text file interface to send messages to pagers. The commandline interface allows pages to be sent from DOS, from within windows or from within 'canned' or custom applications. In addition the commandline/ascii interface can scan a predetermined directory for text files containing messages to be sent to pagers. This is an excellent front-end when used by itself, or when used as a tool for developers and system integrators, to allow paging from within applications. For example, network monitoring software could send a page to an administrator if an anomaly is detected within existi