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Most of us have created several (or many) Outlook folders, so that we can file our email messages for future access. We have folders for each of our family members, our business clients and even folders for special types of email messages that we send or receive. The issue then becomes one of faithfully moving our messages to their proper folder. This is why MailAgent has been developed.
Outlook 98 provides some rather sophisticated facilities that allow you to route your incoming messages to specific folders, but this is done before you get a change to read them. MailAgent operates on your messages when you say to, thus allowing you to read/process them before you file them in their appropriate folders. MailAgent allows you to define simple rules for moving items from your "Inbox Folder" and your "Sent Items Folder" to your desired Outlook folders.

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ActiveView Outlook NextWord
Manage your contacts, tasks, and calendar events in Microsoft Outlook from a "single screen view" with ActiveView. You can also create an information database of freeform notes related to your individual contacts. ActiveView provides a full-featured text editor to create and edit these freeform notes, and a search facility to help you easily locate the note you need. You can also select any freeform note and send it out as an e-mail.
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