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PGP for Personal Privacy V5.0 Security Network Associates
Without strong encryption your digital correspondence is at serious risk of third party interception and piracy. Sending unencrypted email and attachments is like mailing a postcard. And, unencrypted files on your computer are about as private as leaving your wallet or checkbook open on your desk. PGP for Personal Privacy(r) protects the privacy and security of your email and files with the strongest encryption available for individual users. Millions of people rely on PGP's advanced cryptography for protection against email interception and count on PGP digital signatures for authentication and verification. PGP for Personal Privacy, Version 5.0 is everything you need for state-of-the-art protection of your digital privacy.

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GroupShield for Exchange Virus Protection Network Associates
Unfortunately, the very thing that makes groupware environments like Microsoft Exchange so valuable also makes them prone to spreading viruses rapidly through an entire workgroup or organization. If just one user inadvertently posts or distributes an infected document, the effects can be devastating. Since traditional anti-virus products cannot scan inside the proprietary databases that groupware environments utilize, native anti-virus protection at the Exchange server is essential. GroupShield for Exchange uses McAfee's award-winning Hunter scanning technology to stop destructive viruses before they are distributed to other users.